Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Secret Santa!

The boys and I participated in the Corgi Butts secret santa!

We recieved some pretty awesome gifts from
Krystal over at The 7 dwarfs.

Here is some of the cool things she sent us :) sorry about my bad photography and butterball who looks half demonic/asleep :) at least benny looks cute right?

Krystal sent the boys these cute little christmas collars which i love to death myself!

She also sent this adorable leash holder that her fiance handcrafted

Here is some pictures of the treats her coworker handmade for my little ones.....there wasnt much to take pictures of because yes, my little fatties ate majority of them already :)
(i didnt know how to take pictures of the treats so i put them on my bed :D)

....now it is time for treat pictures.....butterball tends to get a little crazy/demonic looking :)

I hope the pictures are okay......we loved our gifts Krystal!!!

Thank you!!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

November Update

I know I am a horrible blogger. I really do not know what to talk about anymore so I will talk about my thanksgiving with Daniel and the boys.

Yes Daniel and I are back together, I realized that I was being selfish and when he got home he explained why he cant talk that much. I am learning to be more supportive and to let him make the decisions for himself about him future. I think he has decided to enlist, I understand why now. He still plans on continuing his education and the good thing is he can not be deployed until after he graduates. I understand why he thinks this is a good idea, the military will pay for his schooling now, he will get paid for the next four years, and the military will pay for any education in the future. Daniel coming home was really nice and it was definitely needed at the time. He comes home after finals until January and the boys….well butterball is sure excited.

The boys recognized Daniel when he walked into the door they greeted him and gave him kisses. Butterball loves Daniel because Daniel plays rough with butterball. Butterball is a weird dog, he doesn’t like petting or nice play he likes it when people pat his head hard and push him around and wrestle with him. I don’t know where I went wrong but he sure a weird dog who eats EVERYTHING. I’ve become a mean mommy because I take all his toys away when I catch him eating it or if I see if its too small for him to play with anymore. Benny liked Daniel at first but then he realizes that I wouldn’t be home much and he wasn’t allowed to snuggle up with us. He began moping around until Daniel left, and now Benny is back to normal since he has me all to himself.

My mom made a thanksgiving dinner early for just her, my brother, Daniel and I. I am sure the dinner was great, but I couldn’t really taste anything since I am sick…..I am sure my mom gave the boys turkey because Benny was sick that night. Thanksgiving day, I went to Daniel’s family dinner. I was nice seeing his family again. Again I ate food that I couldn’t taste and we played board games. It was a nice night. I hope you all enjoyed your thanksgiving!

Here is Daniel and I before he left....Yes i look like poop because i didnt know pictures would be taken.

Daniel and I took the boys to the snow for the first time! It was a lot of fun. Butterball loved it of course, but Benny was a little apprehensive. We will definitely take butterball back but not Benny.

here is some bad quality pictures. i forgot to turn on the flash and i couldnt figure out why it was on (i had to setting off) because i was too excited to stop and figure it out.

Before Daniel came home, I started getting sick. I still have not gotten over it. I hope that this sickness is over by the time Daniel gets home.

I have final exams coming up soon, so I apologize for my absence in blogging and commenting on all of the blogs I follow….I do read them though!
Last night I signed up for my classes…..I am definitely going to be busy this semester. I am taking six classes. I got into the pharmacy program but since the classes were full I was only able to get into one class for that. I am also taking English, reading, history, anthropology, and sociology. Registering for classes is a bit stressful. I am definitely excited that I will actually be busy this semester. Last semester I didn’t feel like school kept me busy enough….although the driving sure did. For the fall semester I have been driving about 200 miles a week to school and back. So I am lucky that I was able to find classes close to me, instead of driving to the three campuses in different locations.

I plan on blogging soon! Oh, and I have to go shopping for my secret Santa gift! I am so excited because this is my first secret Santa gift exchange and I am excited that this will be my first Christmas with both boys! And butterball’s birthday is coming up too!

heres some more picture of the boys

I hope you all have a great December!

Love Karen, Butterball, and Benny.