Tuesday, July 27, 2010


well the little sweetie pie wont be coming home with me because the person isnt very willing to provide me with what i want (vet information)...

this one lady did contact me looking for a home for her five year old corgi....only problem is he's never been an inside dog and he doesnt walk on a leash....

how long do you think it would take me to train him??? is it harder to train an older dog to not pee inside the house or a puppy? butterball picked up on outside=potty within the first couple weeks.

i really like the little guy he's so cute!!! and i dont want him to go to a home he wont be loved

Saturday, July 24, 2010

shipping questions for the new addition

Well, as you all know I’ve been looking for a corgi and put up an ad on a website saying I would adopt someone’s corgi. I got a response from a lady from Wisconsin….she has to get rid of her sweet little puppy. The only expenses I have to pay are for shipping and to keep her updated on how she’s doing. I am not sure if this is a scam or not but I am hoping it is not…..so I have a few questions for any of you who got your corgi out of state and they had to be shipped.

How did you make the payment?
Did you receive papers?
How sure were you of the transaction?

I am not sure on what else to ask….but if you have any information it would help me out a lot if you could tell me all you could about your experience. Thank you!!!

Here is our possible new addition to my corgi family :)

Friday, July 23, 2010

big boy went on a hike

Well I signed up for my college classes…I didn’t get every class I needed, but I guess I will have to keep trying. My schedule will be pretty crazy once school starts, I‘m considering doing a double major (pre-pharmacy and chemistry). Sadly poor butterball will suffer a bit while I get into the new college routine. I will have to go job hunting very soon as well. I have been applying online almost about everywhere….but something tells me that no one even looks at online applications. So within the next month I will have to go job searching.
What school/working means for butterball: more time outside, less time at dog park, and late night study sessions yet again (but no chewing on my text books this time!)

Butterball has been getting pretty spoiled lately….I am still trying to finish up the treats from the treat review, but I don’t want to spoil him too much in one day. Its pretty much too hot to do anything so I bought butterball a pool. Of course he wants nothing to do with it. The only pool he likes is at the dog park (my theory is that he only likes it when other dogs are in the pool). I weighed myself on the scale with butterball and he added 25 pounds!!! He’s getting to be a good boy and something tells me he’s not even close to what he should be. I’ve been focusing on getting him more exercise, which means more dog park….lately he’s been playing with puppies (a game of chase and roll). Butterball is a bit uncoordinated and he rolls when he gets caught and just flops over when big dogs come around, its very funny.

butters is getting so big that he barely fits in his doggy bed

Daniel, butterball, venus(Daniel’s doggie), and I went on a 4 mile hike to a creek/waterfall in the mountains. Butterball did better then I did…..I was pooped about half way up since it was all up hill. I got tired of trying to constrain him because he really wanted to walk!! I took him off his leash and he did his business (marking his territory just about everywhere) and explored. To my surprise he did very well without walking on the leash. He listened if we called him because he got too far ahead or distracted. When we finally got to the creek he ran straight towards the water. I was a little sad that the water went down a lot but he kept going from one side to the other and jumping on this rock. It looked like he was almost saying “I am king of the rock!!” it was funny. Last time we went on the hike butterball was still a baby and I had to carry him down the hike. Which is very hard for me since I am one of the most uncoordinated people you will ever meet. Well this time on the hike I got too nervous about butterball because he is too friendly and this lady had dogs…..and butters goes running towards her, and uncoordinated me runs after him, I catch him and I fall. feel really embarrassed and really scraped up. Lesson learned just let butters learn he cant do that and needs to listen. Maybe butters thought me chasing him was a game. I am not sure but the hike kicked my butt and left butters a dirty mess.

Well lately….I have been looking for a corgi brother or sister for butters (bad idea I know, and my mother wont like it either) but I cant help it they are so cute…..well anyways I am looking into adopting a corgi in my area preferably purebred, although someone did contact me with an offer on some mixed corgis (not sure if I want another puppy).
My question is, how much was your corgi? And did he/she come with papers. Butters came with everything since he was champion bloodline sired (only person with a corgi in southern Cali). Butters was a bit expensive. So I’m kind of asking to see if we bought a overpriced corgi, or if that’s about the price range.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

it's hot!!!

daniel and i took butterball to the park today....he didnt want to do anything besides jump into the kiddie pool and then jump out to play in the dirt

i think im going to go to walmart today and buy him one!!

how is your corgi reacting to the heat? butterball pretty much sleeps all day on the cold tile. he's a lazy butt!!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

then and now

i looked at some of butterball's pictures from the breeder and he looks like a completly different dog...oh how i miss how small he was

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Where do I begin? I am not sure what’s going on with butterball but he has stopped listening and wont even do trick he does everyday to get a treat (lay down)…..not only this but he has gotten into trouble around the house with his chewing. I thought that his chewing was calming down since it looks like all his adult teeth are in, and he has a bunch of toys. Butterball has torn up the carpet before and ripped it off the ground, but we were able to glue it back down and put a little throw rug over it so he wouldn’t go back for it. This morning I woke up and he chewed up the throw rug and destroyed the whole corner of the carpet (it cant be fixed like last time, so now we have to go buy better throw rugs)….my mom was pretty devastated, since we got that carpet put in two years ago. Butterball has not only destroyed the carpet, but he has continued to eat the decorative molding outside of the house even when we put stuff to block him from doing so, he has also resorted to chewing apart the wood door to the garage that connects to the backyard. I am not too sure why he is doing this now.

My mom and I went to petsmart to get butters some rawhides…..we ended up walking out with a lot more….we ended up getting the furminator, rawhides, beef hooves(butterball loves them, but they smell awful), and a CORGI KEYCHAIN. We spent way too much but the rawhides and beef hooves should last butterball awhile. I am so happy that I finally got the furminator, butterball definitely needed it. His fur feels so much better and is shiny, and I like seeing all his fur on the brush I feel like I didn’t waste my money. We also got butterball a new toy since he likes to tear open stuffed animals we go him this rope/ball toy, and he seems to enjoy it. I am hoping that all these new treats will keep him preoccupied.

Do you find yourself buying things just because it has a corgi on it? Because I have that problem:

I’m planning on attending a corgi meet up in august, the only sad thing is Daniel wont be able to go with me….he will be gone by the meet up time. the date of him leaving is approaching fast. We are trying to enjoy the short amount of time(a month) we have together by doing everything together (taking butterball to the dog park) more enjoyable for me, Daniel gets very bored haha.
here's butterball and his new rope/ball toy

Butterball and i hope you all have a great week!!!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

butterball is the saturday smiler


i posted a picture on the daily corgi's facebook page and i woke up this morning to find a link...turns out butterball is the saturday smiler :D
i might be a little lame, but i am so happy/excited that i had to share this with you all hahaha

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Treat Review: Peabody Snarflenubbins & Co.

Butterball and I signed up to be treat testers for Rachel’s new treat company: Peabody Snarflenubbins & Co. You can check out her and Bender's blog at http://bendertheadventuredog.blogspot.com/

Butterball and I were very excited to be receiving our treats in the mail. I was taking a nap when they came in and my brother brought them upstairs to me. I think butterball could smell the treats inside the box because we went nuts trying to get into the box. When he saw I wasn’t waking up he began to run around like a crazy dog!! I got up, got my camera and went downstairs. I began opening the box and butters was being extremely nosey sticking his snout in the box trying to get into the packages that were containing the treats. I opened each package one by one gave it to him and wrote my review and his reaction on a paper. I had nothing to write negatively about this treat preview because the dogs loved them all!!! My other dog, Lucky got a little jealous/curious and decided he wanted to be part of the fun….I didn’t think he would really like them since he has never eaten doggie treats before and butters is a little picky man when treats are first being introduced….but they were a hit with both dogs!!! The dogs kept trying to dig through the box for the next treat! I would highly recommend getting this treats for your pooch when Rachel sets up her company!

My Review:
I really liked the variety of flavors, smells, cute little names, and that they were gentle on butterball’s sensitive tummy. I also liked the size of the treats I had the choice of either splitting the treat in half or letting butterball and lucky go at it for awhile. We tried seven treats:Oatmeal Crunchies, Peanut Butter Bones, Beef 'n Barley Bones, Bark'n Banana Biscotti, Snickerpoodles, Apple Snackums, and Apple and Sweet Potato Snackums

Butterball’s review:
“hi butterball here, I want you all to know what I think of these treats!! I loved them all and I cant just choose one to eat! I was very anxious when a nice smelling box came in the mail for my mommy because she has been telling me I will be trying out some new treats for Bender‘s mommy. My mommy took very long to open the box, and if felt like one obstacle after another….finally she got the box and bag open, but then she made me do stupid tricks for treats….I don’t really like doing tricks but I was desperate for the tasty treat….I munched on the first one and my mommy even captured it on camera!!! My mommy even made me share with Lucky, I don’t really like him taking the attention so it turned into a little fight at the end! All you doggies out there, tell your mommies and daddies to get you some treats from Peabody Snarflenubbins & Co.”

"hurry up mommy""open the box already!"

"its open, its open!! what's this plastic thing doing in here?" "whats in my way of treats now?"
"munch!!!!" "i'm done mommy, and im ready for the next treat!" "okay, okay i'm laying down for you, where's my treat?"
"now im sitting up for you"
"give me the Snickerpoodle, its making me drool"
"thats my treat!!" they were both sitting up
dont they look satisfied?

please ignore my high pitched voice when i tell them to do tricks....this is how excited they were to eat them!!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

6 months

Butterball turned six months old today (well yesterday since I’m blogging early in the morning). I can’t believe how big he is and how time has flown.

Butterball had a great Fourth of July. He got lots of lovin and a lot of goodies; he got to try homemade strawberry ice cream for the first time. One thing butterball loves is frozen fruit. No tummy issues today thank goodness. One thing I’m proud of is that butterball doesn’t mind fireworks; in fact he didn’t even notice them. He is sure oblivious sometimes.

I’m sad to say I didn’t get to throw butterball a little birthday party for turning six months, I really wanted to. I wanted to make a big deal about turning six months because Daniel won’t be there when butters turns a year old. Instead of throwing him a mini birthday party we went over Daniel’s aunt’s house for a potluck. I decided to bring butterball. He spent most of the time outside with us because some of the dogs didn’t like him. Again today he got to chow down on some goodies that Daniel’s family fed to him. He’s sure spoiled and everyone loves him. Butterball got to meet a smaller dog than him it was a Chihuahua and only a couple months old. Butterball is such a good boy we went on a walk down to the park without the leash and he listened very well. Butterball is also a very good playmate with dogs. He chased the little doggie around and got chased and he was very gentle with the little dog….we did have some barking problems that were resolved with a loud “no”.

After our little walk Daniel and some of his cousins went swimming, butterball hates this. Every time Daniel or I would swim away from where he was standing he would bark like mad which ended up in a barking fest inside the house. Daniel and I decided to let butterball swim with us to see if that would calm him down, he was fine but once we put him back out he would start barking again. To our surprise he jumped onto a floating bed just so he could be with us but without having to swim, he’s such a silly boy. We came home and butterball took a long nap. Before Daniel left to go home butterball ran out of the house, both of us thinking we would have to scream and chase him we got a little mad but then we realized he was running to the car. Butterball loves car rides and he spends them sticking half his body out the window unless the car is going too fast.

I love our little guy and I can’t imagine my life without him and all the trouble he causes :)

I hope you all had a great Fourth of July, and I hope you have a great week!!