Thursday, May 27, 2010


I am sorry i havent had the time to post or read other blogs.....

alot has happened lately: computer viruses, wifi hacked into, graduation, and family complications.

i will be catching up very soon on whats been going on with butterball.

butterball and i hope you have a great day

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

acting out

Well Butterball has been acting out a lot lately. He has started to like barking. I will be sitting there with my boyfriend watching TV and he will get jealous and start barking and looking up at me. “Mommy stop ignoring me, I want attention. Maybe I have been neglecting my little buddy I am not sure. My focus for the past month has been school and my boyfriend. I am going to introduce you to my boyfriend. His name is Daniel. We do not go to the same high school but we live in the same area. Daniel is going to be leaving in a couple months to attend a military college on the east coast. I have been trying to focus on spending my time with him since its running out. For the next four years, we will have a long distance relationship. We have been together for three years. So poor little butterball has been neglected so that I can spend time with Daniel. I feel bad when he starts acting neglected by barking and whining at me but my priority right now is to devote my time to school and Daniel

Butterball has taken a liking to:
eating things on top of me (which gets messy)
climbing on the couch to steal my food
climbing on the couch to crawl over anything in my lap
jumping on the couch to get into my face

The little guy is acting out and I am sure once school is over I will be able to devote more of my time to him.
Okay so on Sunday I caved in…..I decided to take Butterball to the dog park. I was so excited and butterball seemed to enjoy his leash and being in the car. He loves to eat his leash when I first put it on him it is like a ritual for him. He also loves to stick his head out the window (do not worry I am holding him to make sure he does not jump out). Well we got out of the car and started to walk to the dog park he seemed as excited as I was…..but once he got inside he nearly pooped his pants. I was expecting this little dog to act like he does with my other dog so I was a bit disappointed that he liked staying as close to Daniel and I. The big doggies seemed very interested in butterball but he would sit there and be scared and once he had the opportunity, he would run over to us. He did enjoy barking and herding the little kids that were there. Oh and chasing the little ball the girl was kicking. He is silly….I am hoping he will get used to bigger dogs, he looks so small and scared. He just needs to break out of his little shell (I have this theory that he has personality traits of Daniel and I…..this is definitely something that reflects me)

"hi mommy i know you have food. now give me some :D"

i took this after our nap
"but mommy, its a long way down, im sleepy can you carry me?"

"play with me!!"

We hope you have a great week!!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

marley and happy moments

Well a lot has happened in the past week…..

Number one:
Butterball learned how to jump on the couch of the first time. This makes me so happy because I don’t have to lift the 16 pound dog up when I am lazy of comfortable. There’s only one problem with this. Butterball doesn’t usually jump on the couch unless I am coaxing him with a rawhide or toy, but when I have food…..well that’s a different story. Sometimes when I snack on something or drink something I just sit on the couch and watch TV because its more convenient. Butterball still doesn’t know his food manners so he jumps up on the couch and steals or attacks whatever I have. When he’s around I have to now eat it at the table.

Butterball got into a lot of trouble this week. He was outside and we went to go get him and guess what I saw? Styrofoam all over the back yard. I wasn’t sure where it was coming from because we don’t have anything that is made of Styrofoam in the backyard. I brushed it off and turned to go back into the house and I was about to open the door, looked down, and I saw a big chunk of the decorative molding of the house missing…..I knew who it had to be it was butterball. My mom was very mad about this because we don’t know why he would even do that. My mom blocked it off with stuff so he would stop chewing it apart and he moved it to go at it again. He got a spanking on his butt and a big long lectured that consisted of “NO NO NO NO” and pointing at it.

here is a picture of the damage

Wednesday butterball went to the human society to get his last serious of puppy shots and his rabies shots. He was all fine and dandy and loved the car ride. It was sleepy time for him. He was happy to be around people and to get so much attention. He was fine on the table wagging his little behind and sniffing the lady. Then she turned around and appeared with something. Butterball knew what was going to happen next and he was not happy about it. I could see him trying to think about how to jump off the table but he realized with was much to high for him so he resorted to climbing on my like a cat. He scratched and succeeded making it to my shoulders then me putting him back down and putting a body lock on him. He’s a very strong little guy and boy did I have trouble he got his puppy shot done cried before and after. Then he was like “ohm no I am not doing that again” did the cat climb again. I tried to hold him down but I couldn’t he just kept moving to try to get away, so I had my mom hold him down. He received his last shot and he cried so loud. I felt bad for my poor little guy but I knew that the shots were necessary. I am super excited to be taking him to the dog park soon, I wanted to wait two weeks before I do so his vaccinations can take full effect.

well i have to get going, i am waitinf for my boyfriend to pick me up. we are volunteering at our local animal shelter. i will write more later because i have so much more to talk about and i will talk about how the animal shelter went.

butterball and i hope you have a great day!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

all better now

I am happy to say that butterball is all better. He did fine with the medicine and the swelling was completely gone by the morning. I am glad that he’s okay I was really worried.

I wont be on very much and if I am I will just be reading some of the blogs that I follow. I wont have much time to write anything since it’s the week day. Its easier for me to keep up with the blog on the weekend since I don’t have school and I Sunday is homework day.

Butterball is doing great, he’s starting to calm down and not be so crazy. I think that this is due to him getting older. He’s starting to listen to “butterball” when I call him unless he’s very distracted in his own little world. He was stopped the nipping of the face thing which is also great. The only thing I need to work on is when we are playing he sometimes catches my fingers or arm or he starts rough housing too much.

Today I noticed that butterball was missing his two (font) bottom teeth I cant believe it has started already. This Wednesday I have to take butterball for his last round of puppy shots I am very excited for this. Well not for him getting his shots but for him to finally be able to go to the dog park. I’ve been anticipating this since I got him.

the morning after the scare he seemed alot happier

butterball being my study buddy :)

he was happy to see me when i got home from school.

Butterball and I hope you all have a great week

Sunday, May 9, 2010

ups and downs

Today has been a rocky day for butterball and me. To start it off his tummy was upset all day because he decided to steal a big piece of chicken form my mothers dinner plate when she wasn’t looking the night before. So I was worried all day that he was going to have a accident in the house. My luck he didn’t and I kept putting him outside. He’s doing really well with not using the bathroom in the house lately. Butterball was very playful and I played with him a lot. Both he and I enjoyed it. I feel like I’ve been neglecting him this past week due to me being so tired and trying to keep up with the end of the school year workload. He also conquered the stairs today!!!

He ruined one of his toys. It was one of those stuffed animals that squeak. He love to bite the ears, nose, and tail off to get to the stuffing then he goes at the stuffing once he’s accomplished that. I am not sure if he’s just being destructive by trying to get all the stuffing out and tearing it up or if he tries to eat it. Either way I always find him eating little pieces. I had to take the toy away from him and he looked at me with those eyes “mommy but I love that toy please give it back, I love you, I wont get sick or hurt eating the stuffing” so I caved. I didn’t give him the stuffed animal back with the stuffing though I took out every single piece of the stuffing that could possibly come out. Now the stuffed animal is no longer a “stuffed animal” but just a floppy piece of material that he could chew on. He chewed on it for a little then he decided it wasn’t as fun as it used to be. He played the rest of the night.

My boyfriend and I decided to make a frozen yogurt run and we put butterball outside with my other dog lucky. When we got back we brought both dogs inside. We ate our ice cream then decided to go to the grocery store to go get our mothers a mother’s day card and flowers. When I was in the car I noticed something funny about butterball’s face. His upper lip on the right side was extremely swollen. We called his dad and he said that he probably just got bit by a bug. I was already jumping to conclusions though “what if it was a poisonous spider”, “what if his airway gets swollen and gets blocked” I of course thought the worst of the situation. We left butterball in the car (it was nighttime and chilly outside and we left the windows cracked) went into the store to get what we went there for. The checkout line was really long and I couldn’t leave my poor butters in the car by himself when he is sick so I decided to go back to the car. When I got back into the car I realized both of butterball’s lips were very swollen, at this point I am thinking he’s really sick and I start crying. My boyfriend just looks at me and says that he’s going to be fine and that we’ll research it when we get home. I am very emotional when it comes to butterball, he’s my baby. When I got home I decided to take a better look at butterball’s lips. He has a big red bump on the right side of the corner of his mouth. I think that this is the cause for it. We found out that we can give dogs benadryl (allergy medicine) to reduce the swelling. We gave him some and the swelling as gone down a lot but its still swollen. His lips feel hard and bumpy like he still has the hives but he’s currently asleep. I am hoping that by morning he will be all better. Maybe I am just freaking out over nothing? I don’t know but I was worried about my puppy. I think I am a crazy dog person who thinks that their dogs are their children.
I will keep update you on how butterball is tomorrow

taken shortly after i discovered the swelling (I am not sure if you can tell its swollen but i could)

after i gave him medicine the swelling was calming down

Today’s ups: conquering the stairs, playtime, cuddle time
Today’s downs: upset tummy, and a very swollen lip

Friday, May 7, 2010

fourth months old

Since it’s the end of the school year I don’t know how much I can post in a week since finals will be around the corner. I will try to write two times per week at the most. I will be MIA until school ends for me on the 25th. I am very sorry for this.

Butterball is four months old now, I cant believe how fast time has past and how big he has gotten. I am continuing working on training him to do tricks right now I am working on roll it’s a slow progress but its getting there. Another thing I’ve been working on is going down the stairs, he doesn’t know how to get started but lately I’ve been putting him about five to six stairs from the bottom and showing him how to. Tonight he did those six stairs all by himself I think he’s getting the hang of it, baby steps.

So Butter’s got into a little bit of trouble the other day. I’ve been wondering why he’s been spending so much time under my bed and I was missing one of my text books. I went on the hunt for it to do some homework and guess where it was…..under my bed….and a big corner of the book is chewed up. I was very angry when I saw this but I felt it was partly my fault because I should know better than to leave my expensive text book on the floor. I am hoping the librarian doesn’t notice (slim chance) and I wont owe the money for damages or a replacement. I don’t blame butters but I just need to keep all valuables out of reach and I will try to teach the little monster to not chew what’s not his.

I was wondering if any of you have baked your corgi treats? If so how did their tummy handle it? Butters has a lot of trouble with new food and I am a bit scared to try new things. Where did you find the recipe? I would love to bake him some healthier treats so I know what does into it.

I hope you all have a great weekend and a great mother’s day on Sunday

i was trying to see if he would attempt the stairs so i threw his favorite toy down he kept looking at me then at the toy doen the stairs and would look back and bark "mommy! go get it for me!!!" hahaha

Butters got a bath today, i love it when he looks so fluffy and white :D

dont you just love their big ears? i know i do

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

growing up

Butterball is beginning to get more comfortable with me. I’ve had him for about two months. He’s starting to become my cuddle buddy. Usually when I wake up in the morning he is laying next to me or touching me somehow. I love it. I was a little disappointed when he use to not want to cuddle so I am trying not to force it and now he comes on his own. I’m still hoping for him to get use to being petted. I’ll have to wait and see if it works out.

butterball being my cuddle buddy :)

Butter’s is getting so long and heavy now. I have to carry him down the stairs since he cant go down them. He’s had a few accidents trying to go down them. One problem with carrying him downstairs is he’s getting heavier, longer, and bigger. I don’t know how much longer I can carry him down the stairs. Did your corgi have problems with stairs? I think he might have so much trouble is because the stairs aren’t wide enough and he doesn’t know how to maneuver his body yet. Maybe I just need to start helping him learn he needs to turn his body a certain way and encourage him with a lot of treats.

One thing that I don’t like about butter’s is his little biting problem. When he’s very excited he kisses then bites. He’ll be so happy and greet you and kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss, then all of a sudden CHOMP on your nose, lips, chin, ears, and so on. Its one thing I am working very hard on. I tell him no but when he gets excited again it goes out the window.

Butter’s only has his last round of puppy shots left. I am very excited to be able to take him to the dog park. I am eager to see how he reacts and how others react around him. I hope all goes well. One thing I am afraid of is he will want to “puppy play” with an older dog and the older dog wont have it and will hurt him. My older dog, Lucky plays well with butter’s. butter’s will chase him around the house and yard. When lucky is tired of butter’s he’ll go to the couch, since butter’s isn’t able to get up yet. Lucky will also play back. They play very well with each other. I am very glad since lucky wasn’t a dog person before we brought butters home.

butterball playing with lucky

taking a break after his fun

I hope you all are having a great week with your corgis

Sunday, May 2, 2010


I need a little advice on some things. I went to Petsmart today and I was looking into the puppy training classes. They are a bit costly but I like what it offers its $110 for eight weeks, it will cover a lot of things that I need to work on with butterball. Butterball is very interested in dogs that are similar in size but he is a little skittish around people. His attitude towards people changes. With some people he’s really friendly and will go over to them and go kiss and sometimes people will try to pet him and he acts like he wants to go greet them but he’s too scared. I feel that the puppy classes will get him use to socializing not only with dogs but with people.

Did you take your corgi to puppy classes if so where and how much was it? Did you feel that it was worth it? What did your corgi learn.

Another thing I am looking into is the furminator. I’ve heard that it really works. Butterball hasn’t hit his shedding stage yet, besides his puppy fur. Should I buy it now and start using it right away?

Do you feel that it was worth buying? How many times do you use it in a month? How old was your corgi before you started using it?

Also im wondering when your corgi ended his/her teething stage and when did your corgi start losing teeth?

I would really appreciate your feedback.

Butterball loves car rides and I love it when he falls asleep with his tongue out.

Looks very awkward to me hahaha but he seemed to like laying like that