Wednesday, June 30, 2010

dog park adventures and an update

Well It has been awhile since I have posted anything not too much has happened lately…..

UPDATE: butterball’s eyes are looking a little better (I’m still not sure what the problem is) some days there is no discharge and other days there is. I am wondering if there are any home remedies for his eye problem. I really don’t want to go to the vet just yet.

So I’ve realized that butterball has made our older dog, Lucky into a trouble maker. My mother went to a dinner party and she brought some food home. What no one ate went in the trash (we don’t like to give it to the dogs because of butterballs sensitive tummy), I come home and I find Lucky acting strange and he was in the kitchen….next thing I know Butterball is barking like mad at Lucky and Lucky is growling…..I ran over and found a rib on the carpet and they were fighting over it…..the bone was pretty much clean by the time I realized they have been eating it. So now butterball has been having tummy problems. Poor little guy.

QUESTION: did your puppy have a lot of tummy issues with different food/ treats? Do they still have the same problem or did it go away with age?

I’ve been taking butterball to the park lately I’ve only had a couple problems while there. Daniel and I took butters to the dog park and a great Dane ran over and started trying to play with butters….butters wasn’t having it and I don’t blame him because of that dogs size…..the dog just wouldn’t leave him alone and butters yelped a couple times when the dog jumped on him so I picked up butters and next thing I know, the great Dane is jumping on me to get poor butterball. This really upset me because the dog was on top of me and he was pretty much towering over me. Daniel had to get the dog to get off and finally its owners came over. Other than that butterball gets along with everyone, he usually tries to stay away from big dogs though. He loves puppies, whenever a puppy is at the park he plays and plays.

One thing I don’t like about the dog park is they have little kiddy pools full or dirty water. Butters thought it would be neat to go lay in it and they go back to playing with the puppy in the dirt. I now know I need to bring a towel every time I go and my camera because i havent taken any pictures at the dog park.

Butterball has learned to jump onto my bed. He did it once by himself but usually he gets on the couch I have by my bed and hops on. He’s a funny little one. The couch I have in my room belonged in my mom’s room but every time he got the chance he would go play on it and I get jealous that he loves my mom better so I moved the couch into my room. I know I am pretty ridiculous and butterball is extremely spoiled.

butterball on "his" couch :) he looks huge here! well he is a big boy :)

Butterball and I hope you have a great rest of the week :)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

eye problems

I am a little worried about Butterball. I woke up this morning to find out that his eyes have a lot of discharge. I cleaned them and it just keeps coming back. It’s a yellowish, green color. I am not sure if it’s caused my allergies or dust (he likes to run around in the garden). I am going to wait a couple days to see if it goes away. I checked his eye and it doesn’t appear to be red, so I am hoping that it’s just allergies that are making his eyes like this. Any ideas of what it could be? I’ll post pictures soon when his eyes get bad again. I cleaned them before I decided to blog.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

stuffed animal galore

One thing I hate about butterball is his stomach….he’s a gassy boy and he’s very inconsistent. I’ve never had a dog without a tail and I never realized it was a saving grace when it came to poop….butterball is a dirty boy after the bathroom and I have to chase him with a wet paper towel to clean him up. He hates it so much. Once he sees the paper towel he knows what it means and he runs off. Poor little guy…if he had a tail I wouldn’t have to do this to him.

My question is…did you have the option of getting your corgi’s tail docked? I didn’t because I meet the breeders when butterball was about 4 weeks old. His tail was already docked. If you had the choice why did you choose it? If I ever have a corgi again I kind of want one with a tail…I miss he tail wagging….even though butters wags his whole backside.

Since butterball is teething he is going through all his toys like crazy. He has this new game where he takes off a limb of the stuffed animal, then he begins to take out the stuffing….I usually let him do it if I’m watching because I make sure he doesn’t eat the stuffing. He loves doing it….he also loves tearing up paper and cardboard so I find myself giving in and letting him have some fun once in a while. Now that butters has mutilated all his dog toys I had to think of something else to give him. I just don’t have the money right now to buy him a bunch of new toys that he will destroy by the end of the month, so I decided to go through my closet. My mom wanted me to keep all my old stuffed animals…so I have a huge box full of them. I decided it would be okay for butters to destroy since they were old and just a waste of space. He was very happy when I pulled out a bunch of stuffed animals. He is happy again.

"what's over my eyes mommy???!!??"
"you covered my eyes, now you must pay!!"

Butterball hasn’t been my sleeping buddy lately….this makes me very sad. I guess at night he would rather be on the cold tile floor downstairs than be in my hot room with me. This makes me very sad. I tried to make him just deal with it and sleep with me but he waits till I’m half asleep and he jumps off the bed. I really don’t like it when he jumps off so I end up just putting him outside because I don’t trust him downstairs all alone (he loves to chew furniture). I just don’t know what to do because when I put him outside in the morning it seems like he was up all night….the next day he’ll sleep most of the day.

I’m curious, how is your corgi handling the heat and if your corgi sleeps with you, has this changed?

i miss my sleeping buddy :(

Sunday, June 13, 2010

new direction

Butterball has been very grumpy lately….growling and whining I think it’s from him teething. I am pretty sure he’s at the end of the teething journey since it appears that almost all his big teeth are growing in now. I feel bad for the little guy. One night I woke up to a strange sound…butterball was at the edge of my bed gnawing on the headboard…I learned from this now I keep toys in the bed when we fall asleep so if he wakes up in the middle of the night he has something.
I haven’t had much time to blog lately because I’ve been busy spending every waking minute with my boyfriend Daniel before he leaves and also because I haven’t had any new adventures with butterball (I’m going to make my blog more personal but still include butterball). I found out the he leaves before august 14. We haven’t done much since money is tight even with graduation gifts. I did manage to buy a new camera since I don’t own one. Now I don’t have to use my poppy camera phone. I don’t have any good pictures of butterball or Daniel and I hope to get a “family” picture very soon. Daniel is going to attend The Citadel; it’s a military college in South Carolina. I am not too happy about this but since the California education system is crap right now I guess it’s for the better. I will be attending community college for my general Ed. I am not sure what college I want to attend after that but I do know that I want to go to school to be a pharmacist.

Daniel knew he would be leaving that’s one reason he decided to get butterball. Daniel wanted to leave me with butterball so he can keep me company and remind me of Daniel every time I look at butters. I am so happy that Daniel decided to get me butterball because butters makes me happy…he distracts me from family problems and things that would normally upset me. I hope that butters will help me deal with Daniel being away. Daniel has been in my life for almost three years now and I’ve never been away from him longer than a week. I’m hoping that butterball and I can deal with Daniel being gone. Butters knows that Daniel is his dad and he always tries to leave with him when Daniel is about to leave the house and is saying his goodbyes. I get very jealous of this haha.

I have a few questions to ask.
1. Can your corgi jump on the bed? Butterball tries but he fails so he sits up and gives me the look to pick him up
2. Can your corgi jump off the bed? Butterball can but I don’t like it when he does so I try to prevent it
3. What do you feed your corgi? I think he’s getting fat off the dog food (a neighbor called him fat and ugly when he ran out the front door….this upset me very much

"mommy why are you holding me...whats that? ahhh my eyes!!" (butterball and i)
"why must you do this to me???" ( i dont think he likes the flash he kept barking at it)
"i'll just lay down and maybe you'll stop torturing me"

I hope you and your corgi have a great Sunday.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

...but im adorable

“Hi Butterball here, I decided I would catch up on what my mommy has been saying about me since this blog is all about me…I want you all to know that all the bad stuff she says about me isn’t true….I’m adorable and do you really think I am capable of the amount of destruction she has accused me of? My teeth hurt that’s all….randomly one of my teeth will fall out and I’ll have the nasty taste of blood in my mouth I’m miserable so don’t blame me for my actions…I’m a puppy. My mommy will probably tell you that I’ve been very cranky lately and I blame it on the teething and the heat I hate the summer…’s my first one…I hope you all enjoy reading about me because I am adorable”

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

dog park and swimming.

Well it has been awhile since I’ve posted. I’ve been really busy lately. Good thing is that I graduated! Bad thing is, I’ve been neglecting butterball because of all the chaos lately
I’ve been trying to devote my time to butterball but with everything that has happened lately it’s difficult.

He’s growing up so fast….

I’ve been taking the little monster to the dog park lately. I want him to get used to other dogs and not be a jerk like my other dog is. At first butterball was very skittish and only wanted to hide under the bench Daniel (my boyfriend) and I were sitting on. He’s been slowly breaking out of his shell. There is this one dog that loves to tease butterball….the dog will come up to butters and steal a leaf of stick that is close to him and entice him to want it….once the dog grabs butters attention she’ll run off and tease him some more. I find this hilarious and butterball just runs after her barking and tripping over his big paws. He is not coordinated at all. He tends to walk and trip over his feet and do a face plant I feel bad for the little buddy.

I am happy to say I met my first, well first two corgis in my area. Daniel and I went to the dog park and I saw them. They were in the little dog area I usually take butters into the big dog area since there are more dogs there and I had a nice chat with the lady. She had a three year old sable and a seven month year old tri. I didn’t realize how big butterball was until I met another corgi. He was twice the size of the seven month corgi. The lady said he looked normal because he has a really big head and paws. This makes sense because my boyfriend did pick the puppy with the biggest paws in the litter. I was so excited to talk to her about corgis. I can tell that pretty much anyone who owns a corgi has the same obsession. I had to leave shortly after because every time I looked at Daniel he looked like he was on the verge of killing me. He thinks I am too obsessed with butters and I think this blog proves it….but to my defense I am not the only one!!!!

Butterball hates the heat…the heat just arrived here I’m hoping it goes back to being 60 soon. The poor guy didn’t even have fun at the dog park every time I stopped talking to the lady I found him lounging in the shade which defeats the purpose of taking him to the dog park to release some of his endless energy. I thought it would be nice to take butterball into the pool with me and Daniel….poor guy hates me now because of it. He swims but he acts like we are torturing him…I hope that he will eventually get used to the pool and will end up coming in on his own.

I have a question to ask….how do you clean your corgi’s teeth. I tried to brush his teeth the other day but he was so scared all he would do was run away and scratch to get away. I ended up giving up because it felt like I was torturing him.

have a great week!!!

"hi mommy im eating my yummy rawhide on you!!"

yummy tennis ball

this was the cutest thing...i've never seen them cuddle and as you can tell by lucky's face he was just as suprised as i was....they usually fight