Friday, April 30, 2010


Some of the things butters does.
Fall asleep every car ride
Eat his leash for the first 15 minutes he has it on, and when he remembers its on
Eat my clothes
Hide behind furniture
Crawl under my bed (big no no)
Lick the condensation off drinks
Dig in the bed
Dig in the garden
Eat the towel when I am drying him off after a bath
Roll in the garden after a bath
Marley moments (eat the carpet)
Act possessed
Fall asleep on his back with his legs/arms in the air
Eat his bones/toys on my lap
Run away from me when he’s in the garden
Eat my shoes
Chew on the strings from clothing
Crawl on my textbooks so I cant do my homework
Crawl on the laptop keyboard
Crawl into the refrigerator when it is open
Throw his treats around then attack them
Chase my bigger dog around
Dominate the bigger dog
Try to eat dryer sheets
Tear up any type of paper/cardboard
Eat leaves
Stare at his reflection in the mirror

There’s so much more but I simply cant think of everything at the moment. Does this sound like your corgi?

Thursday, April 29, 2010

jacket weather

Today was a little better, from what I have seen Butterball has not thrown up and his poop is going back to normal. I decided it would be nice to take him out. My boyfriend and I decided that we would go to the mall to get something to eat, and to visit the puppy store. After reading “Bailey the Corgi” blog entry today about her corgi having outfits, I decided I want to get Butterball a jacket. I never thought I would be a person to dress up my dog. I always thought this was weird and cruel, until I saw a corgi dressed up. It just makes them so much cuter. My boyfriend thought I was ridiculous for wanting to buy him a jacket since “he has fur and he’s a dog” but I am tired of picking him up and feeling his tummy all dirty and wet. I couldn’t resist buying him a jacket once I saw what they looked like. He’s so cute in his jacket and he seems to enjoy it. I put it on him right after we got out of the store, then we walked to eat. Of course Butterball grabbed the attention of everyone, the little kids enjoyed seeing him in his hoodie. I don’t want to take it off him and I haven’t yet. I’m a little sad that its going to be getting warm soon and he wont be able to wear it anymore. I will definitely be looking for more clothes for him. After his adventure at the mall he fell asleep in the car and has been sleeping every since. I’m so happy that he’s feeling better today although I can still tell his tummy is a little upset. I hope he gets better soon, I don’t like it when my sweetheart doesn’t feel good.

i think he enjoyed all the extra attention he got :)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


So today has been a little stressful. I think butterball is sick, either he ate something bad (I think that this is probably the case) or something is seriously wrong. He’s been playing with my other dog like normal but he’s thrown up once that I’ve seen and he’s been peeing a lot. Another weird thing is that he’s been okay with cuddling up with me and okay with my holding him, he falls right asleep. This is very unusual for him. Butterball is not a cuddlier, when sleeping in my bed, he will go as far away as possible from me as he can. I think this is due to the fat he loves the cold. He can be found asleep on the cold hard tile when he is downstairs. Butterball is also not a lapdog I’ve tries to get him to sit down so I can enjoy petting him, but he throws a fit and jumps off my lap as soon as possible. His breathe smells a bit sour, like he has an upset stomach. I hope that nothing is seriously wrong and that he’s just been eating too much human food :[ partly my fault. I’ve been training him to not bug me when I am eating and to not bark for food as well. When he listens and acts like a good boy I give into temptation…I think I might of given him too much in a short amount of time and his tummy isn’t use to it yet. None of the food was listed as poisonous food for dogs.

Another thing that was very strange was I left my room for about ten minutes and later I realized that Butterball peed on my bed. He does this every once in awhile, but usually its my fault because I don’t take his whining and barking as a sign that he needs to potty. He didn’t fuss at all about having to go, and the amount of pee was incredible. I didn’t notice the pee till a lot later, but when I came back I put him outside for potty time and he peed a lot then too. I don’t think he’s been drinking that much water so I am not sure why this is happening.

Butterball is still very playful. There were only a couple of differences in him today….this week has been so stressful for me. I hope my baby is okay. If he is still having stomach problems, I might have to take him to a vet. Which will be a painful for my wallet. I do hope he’s okay.

Since I am a senior in high school I will be going to prom on Saturday, another reason why this week has been very stressful. I really do hope everything works out for the best.

i want to see him do this again it was so funny i cant believe i captured his demented smile

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

So Excited

Today has been a good day my photography teacher is going to let me borrow one of the new digital cameras, which means I will be doing better in photo class....and I get to take better pictures of Butterball :D I am oh so excited.

I am a senior in high school and when I got home today Butterball was so hyper. He went outside did his usual business, I let him in, and he just keeps running in circles around the couch. He is sure being one oddball.

Butterball loves to get his peanut butter biscuit and throw it around, pounce on it, lay on it, and bark at it.
I've been trying to get him to learn the command down which means lay down, he's being very stubborn with this one. So far he knows the commands sit, up, and sometimes down. He did really well today and he loves his training rewards. He doesn't always listen to the commands though which is a bit frustrating. I am considering taking him to puppy classes at Petsmart but I am a bit unsure if its worth the money and time. Maybe I just need to work some more with him?

The easiest thing to train Butterball was potty training, he did very well with his puppy pads and he barely even uses them anymore. I have a huge cage he stays in when I am at school and he hasn’t even used to potty in there in two weeks. Although he does have his moments when he pees a little here and there, I think he’s trying to mark his territory since we have an other male dog in the house. He also has to occasional poops in the house, and always in the same spot. I am not sure why this is so.

Today I realized how much Butterball has grown since I got him. I am sad I didn’t get any good quality pictures of him when I first got him.
Here’s a picture of butterball the first day I brought him home, he’s so small and fluffy here.

I just can’t believe how fast he’s grown. His adorable fluffy puppy fur is falling out and replacing it is the adult fur. Although it is a lot shinier, its not as soft. I guess they have to grow up someday….

this is him today, sorry about his eyes

this one is my favorite :D


Yes since I am such a lazybutt i have decided that i will not talk about Butterball's first month home, not much has happened except some trouble making tendencies. Two words that fit Butters well are TROUBLE MAKER. I will post some more pictures from the breeder and from my phone but the quality might be horrible and his eyes are always glowing. I need to borrow someone's camera, I feel like i didnt capture his puppyness enough and this saddens me very much. I will be talking more about Butterballs personality and some major events that have occured very soon :]

Monday, April 26, 2010

Getting Started

This past month I’ve been reading blogs about corgis. As a matter of fact that’s all I’ve been doing on the internet these days. Since I found out my boyfriend was going to get me a corgi I’ve been so obsessed with them. I love everything about corgis. I’m a bit sad I didn’t discover the blogging world of owning a corgi until recently because I would of started this right when I discovered that I was going to get my corgi. My boyfriend brought my adorable little ball of fur home on March third. I went the to the breeder’s house with him 4 weeks before I brought him home. I knew I wanted a male dog which is a good thing since all the females were already picked over. My boyfriend decided to choose the male who has the biggest head and boy does he have a big head. We named him Butterball no idea why but once we brought him home I knew that it was the right choice. Butterball is a tri-colored Pembroke. I brought him home at eight weeks old. He was born on January 05. I have a lot of catching up to do. In the upcoming post I will talk about his journey of the first month home.

p.s. this is my first time ever writing a blog and if you have any suggestions please let me know thanks :D

I found a picture the breeder emailed to me of Butterball I think he's about 5-6 weeks old here. He's so small and fluffy I can't believe hes the same dog who's running around playing right now. They grow up so fast.