Monday, August 30, 2010

Benny and Butters At Play

Butters was a bit upset that benny has his squeaky ball. the only time he doesnt mind is when we are all playing catch. (butters is learning to share a little, unless its food or chew toys)
thought i would share this one :) benny's butt!!
now time for some playtime videos. (sorry my room is so messy, i came home to my room looking like it snowed stuffing)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Paw It Forward!!!

Keeping up with some of the blogs I read regularly….I came across one post that caught my eye. It was a paws it forward post from Katie at All That Jazz

Paws it forward is a cute little idea that gets dog people together….since I am posting about It I will send a paw it forward package to the first two people who respond to this post, and then those next to people will keep it going,

Katie received her box from California (she lives in Florida), and then she sent me one back to California.

I think that this is a cool way to connect with the corgi people!! It’s been an exciting experience and I cant wait to pass it on.

here's some of the cool stuff katie sent benny, butterball, and she even included me!!

our paw it forward box came with yumyum treats, a squeaky ball head thing, a beaver that also squeaks, a bear that use to squeak (it had all its body parts when it came in the box), and cool travel bowl, and the cutest corgi painting ever :)

we love all our gifts!! the boys love their toys!! (katie im sorry there isnt more pictures, its not letting me upload any. dont worry i will make sure to try again in another post to show you how much fun the boys are having!)

thanks so much katie and whiskey!!

so if you want to be the next to enjoy paws it forward, then comment me and leave your email :) and i will contact you!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

finally a post :)

For those of you who don’t know, I have been looking for a corgi. I had pretty much given up my search and decided to wait for a puppy to come up in my area to buy. I joined an online corgi meet up group and I received an email that someone posted on the discussion board. Someone was moving and needed to find a new home for their corgi.

Benny is a sable 2 year old corgi. He was the perfect match for me because he understands Korean and English (Daniel is Korean) so I can give him commands in both languages. Since butterball is more of an independent dog I was hoping that Benny would be a doggy that would cuddle with me and he is. Benny couldn’t fit in any better. There has been a few draw backs with Benny though. Benny sometimes likes to hump butters I’m trying to get this to stop, and Benny is very camera shy.

Butters and Benny have only had one altercation. Butters is one spoiled brat and doesn’t like to share any of the toys including Benny’s toys. If Benny has a toy butters will bark and bark and bark until he can steal it back. I guess Benny got a little irritated and lashed out. I’ve been working on Benny’s tolerance and trying to get butter to share. Its going slowly but its getting a little better.

Butters is now on an eating schedule since I thought he was getting a little pudgy. My mom use to feed lucky and butters in the morning and just give them whatever she though was enough. Since Benny is on a 2/3 cup of dog food twice a day routine I decided to get butters on a 1 cup twice a day routine as well. I usually feed Benny first while butters is outside because Benny inhales his food. Butters goes insane because he’s a little jerk face. I feel bad for my baby butters though because he’s not use to sharing the attention although he doesn’t like lovin he gets mad when Benny is by me. Butters was sick the first couple days after I brought Benny home. I think it was the stress and both dogs eyes were extremely blood shot. Their eyes are getting a little better and Benny is getting more comfortable with us. Butters is still a little jerk face when it comes to sharing toys. Other then that the boys love to wrestle. Benny makes the weirdest noises he sounds like a dinosaur and he loves to just lay on top of butters. I love watching them. ( I will try to get a video of them soon)

I went to a corgi meet up today and I was very disappointed. There were only four other corgis and none of them wanted to play with butters or Benny they were all too busy laying in the shade or drinking water. It was 9am and it was hot. I was hoping that the people would be very friendly and outgoing but no one even said hi to us. I went with my mom and brother. I might go when it gets cooler and when I know more people rsvp. But its about a thirty minute drive and I’m lazy and I would rather go to the dog park I am familiar with.

i runs away now
i guess i'll stay

i sweeepy
butters looks hilarious :)
and again

Well, Daniel left Wednesday and I’m pretty much a wreck but the boys have been keeping me company and giving me lovin. Daniel started his “hell week” and I wont have contact with him for awhile. It really sucks since I’m so used to being with him or at least being able to keep in contact. I don’t really know what to do besides sleep and play with the doggies. Good thing is Daniel will be back in November. Until then I hope to stay busy I start school on Monday. I could only take three classes this semester which is a bummer. The school systems suck here in Cali right now. It took me four hours trying at midnight to sign up for just three classes which aren’t even at the same campus. I have three different classes in three different campuses in three different cities….well doesn’t that suck? Good thing I got a car just in time for school…..I plan to go job hunting once I get settled with school. Hopefully I wont be too busy to blog. Wish me luck!!

I’m sorry if this blog was a bit scattered or didn’t make any sense. I wanted to blog while I was in the mood and its midnight. Well I hope you all have a great Sunday!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

new addition

for those of you who arent butterball's or my friend on facebook you should add us because we keep up with that more then the blog.

this post is for those who dont keep up with us on facebook.....

i adopted a new corgi :)

i will be posting some more about him in another blog within the next few days

but here is a little about him:
Name: benny
Age: 2 years old and he's a big b
he loves to cuddle and wrestle with butters
butterball and benny play great together and they are getting more comfortable with each other.

one downside of benny: he has some kind of camera/ cell phone camera phobia and it is very difficult to take pictures of him. once he realizes im trying to get a picture of him he runs away -_- what a weirdo

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Daniel will be leaving in less then a i probably wont blog for awhile.

im sorry :(

i hope you all have a great august and make sure to give all your corgis some extra lovin from butterball and me!!!

PS: make sure you all watch this made me cry for an hour!!!