Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Long Update

Here is an update that is pretty random and long (mostly about me). I hope you all are doing great! I have some catching up to do!
The boys are doing great….but they are not use to the time difference so they wake me up at four in morning by jumping on me, barking, wrestling on top of me, or scratching at the door. I am not a morning person at all so this makes me very unhappy. Today butters threw something up….I went to look at it an it was part of his toy…..I am so happy he threw it up because I had no idea he swallowed it. I am definitely taking away any toys he tears up and I am really going to watch him when he plays with them. I went on a little run with butterball the other day and he is a great running buddy!! Sadly, he did better than me…..I haven’t went running since sophomore year of high school when I had PE. So I am really out of shape.

The boys and I didn’t do anything for Halloween. Since it landed on a Sunday I went over my grandparents house. I go spend the night at their house on Sunday night and Tuesday because my school is only a few minutes away. If I didn’t do that I would be driving about 30 miles in traffic really early in the morning. I just got my license in July so I am not that experienced of a driver….so I don’t feel like stressing out in the morning. Next year I plan on making their costumes to match mine…..I might even dress the boys up for Christmas. I am pretty excited that this will be my first Christmas with both of the boys!!

My brother(Kenny) and I have been spending a lot of time with each other. We have always been close. We do everything together and he takes me out on dates and gets my flowers.

I’ve decided to start decorating my room since I didn’t decorate it (everything is my sister’s)….so far I have a new bed spread, a lamp, and I am thinking about painting my room, and getting new furniture.

Daniel and I broke up…..he never has the time to talk since it is a military college….I guess I am not very supportive of him….lately he has been talking about joining the military and this makes me very unhappy….I can barely deal with him being away for college….but another four years for the military…I don’t really want to go through that. We are trying to work things out…but not much progress has been made. Maybe when he comes home, we will be able to talk face to face and work things out. But right now I am feeling a lot of resentment….I know its stupid but I feel like he would rather do everything else besides be with me (he tells me all the time he hates that school). Any advice? I don’t have friends since I focused all my time into school and Daniel while I was in high school..

School is going great. I have all A’s, but I am a little worried about my English grade since it is a really low A. As you can probably tell, I am not the best writer in the world, so I struggle a lot with writing essays. One good thing that has come out of writing a certain essay is it helped me decide what I want to do. Our topic was how a liberal arts education benefit’s the career you are going to enter. Well, I thought I wanted to be a doctor but it turns out I wouldn’t really like it. So after all my research I decided to research pharmacy….turns out I am very interested in it….so I took the time to research pharmacy schools and it turns out they want you to have some experience in pharmacy. So I am going to take the pharmacy technician program at my school. I already applied for it, but its acceptance is based on first come first accept. So I am crossing my fingers!! It will set me back a little on my general education, but oh well! I will have a better chance of getting into pharmacy school later, I will have some knowledge on pharmacy, and I will have a job! It will take me three semesters if I devote all my time to the program and if I get the classes I need. One semester will be an externship. I am pretty excited!

Back to talking about the boys….they are getting along great they play all the time and the sharing thing with butters is getting better. Butters has learned that if he wants a toy Benny has, then he needs to go play tug-a-war for it. I am still working on barking with butters….he barks at everything. Its getting rather annoying. I think I just need to make sure I correct him every time he barks. Advice again? I uploaded a couple photos of the boys….I am sad to realize that I haven’t taken any pictures of the boys lately….and I am planning on taking the boys out more and taking pictures! Maybe then I will have a lot more to blog about!


I hope everyone is doing great!!
Have a great weekend
Love Karen, Butterball, and Benny


That corgi :) said...

Butterball and Benny are so cute and so typical of kids, aren't they? fighting over their toys, sibling rivalry I would imagine

Good for you for those grades! that is awesome Karen!! And I think being a pharmacist/pharmacist technician is a wonderful career! I had thought about that awhile back. It is something that they will always need! I know the community college close by runs a program, I think it runs for 26 weeks with class time and externship, it is a bit costly though (about $2700 if I remember correctly). Anyway, I think it is good you are working towards that.

Sorry to hear about you and Daniel but I think it is good that you guys are exploring all different options and seeing if you can or cannot make it work. Military life is hard if he decides to join it and while some couples do well with it, some don't, so I think it takes wisdom on your part to realize it might not be what you want in a relationship. I think seeing him at the holidays will help too being able to spend time talking and thinking and working things out. And if it is time to move on, as sad as it may be, it could be a good thing down the road.

My advice, find something to get involved in to make some friends. Activity at school, volunteering in the community, church group, whatever. But I think we all need friends, especially good girl friends, to share life with.

Barking....clueless. Koda has his moments of barking. My hubby is better at getting him to stop than I am. Good luck with that!

Take care of yourself and know I'm just an email away if you ever need anything


Peanut said...

I never really liked English even though my grades in English topped all my other grades. That sucks how your ex went to military school and you had to break up, but at least you will have a wonderful future ahead of you and glad you got a license!

Karen and Bailey said...

sorry to hear about you and daniel. i hope you can work things out. otherwise, you'll be ok! its great your looking to your future too - i thought about pharmacy too!
good luck with whatever you decide. your grades are so good!

you guys HAVE TO take a family shot for xmas. itll be so cute. bailey and i do it every year! :) we'll have to exchange cards!!!!!!!!!!

Karen and Bailey said...

also congrats on your license! now theres much more freedom, check out the dog events in your area!!!!!

your brother is so sweet!!!!

i wished i lived closer........ :T

Pam said...

Sorry to hear about you and Daniel. From experience I know long distance relationships are incredibly difficult. My high school boyfriend and I went to different colleges and tried to make it work for 2.5 years before we finally called it quits. After being with someone for 4 years I also felt resentful...sort of like I wasted a lot of my time and effort on the relationship and didn't spend enough time on friends and just having fun in college socially. However, it really motivated me to put myself out there more, and after the break up I made friends who remain some of my closest today, including my current boyfriend going on 5 years. I guess basically what I am saying is look at this as an opportunity to expand your circle of friends - you never know who you'll meet :)

As for pharmacy school, good for you for being proactive in pursuing it! My mom is a pharmacist and I have many friends going through the program right now. I think having experience is a good idea, not only to help your application, but to truly make sure it is what you want to do.

The pups look adorable as always :) Good luck with everything!

Laurie said...

Sorry about the stuff you're going through with Daniel. I know that is so hard. I hope you can work it out. Long distance relationships are a lot of work.

Good luck with school and the pharmacy program!

Love seeing pics of the boys :)

Zoe (Benny's mum) said...

Hi! Hope you are feeling better... I can give you some advice regarding barking. My Benny is allowed to bark only at certain things and in certain place (like, he can bark when someone knocks the door).

Main thing is consistency in training. You should use the same words and the same technique. My technique with Benhur was that if he barks, our word is "QUIET" and the action was to firmly (but gently) hold his muzzle shut. Once he stays quiet and stops struggling, he gets a good boy. Corgis are great barkers so it can take quite a while to train it out of them. I think its best to allow them to bark at something rather than not bark at all. It took Benhur a few months to learn to restrain himself when we want him quiet.

Nowadays, he doesn't need his muzzle held. WHen he does bark wrongly, we simply ask him to do a sit next to us and he gets focused on that...though he does do the throaty bark in the mean time. =)

Sorry my directions are rather messy...=P If you need more advice, just email me or something yah?