Thursday, August 5, 2010


Daniel will be leaving in less then a i probably wont blog for awhile.

im sorry :(

i hope you all have a great august and make sure to give all your corgis some extra lovin from butterball and me!!!

PS: make sure you all watch this made me cry for an hour!!!



That corgi :) said...

hugs to you and Daniel, Karen. I know that it will be hard for you both. enjoy the time you have together before he goes and look for unique things to do to keep in touch with each other while you are apart (like sending him care packages, etc).

I saw a preview for this movie; I heard it was good. I'll have to consider seeing it; I was a wreck for days after I read Marley and Me.

you take care of yourself, Karen. I myself am not blogging right now, but I am always an email away if you need anything


Karen and Bailey said...


I heard about that movie!! - where can I watch it? I wanted to watch it as soon as I read the story on wikipedia... and heard a movie was coming out!! :) i cry really easily, and even cried while reading the article.

Anyways, I am glad butterball and you will have each other, and glad to hear last time that you will be seeing him at least twice a month? Yes, like betty, if you ever need anything let me know!! Ohhh.. perhaps you should make a trip to norcal.. haha :D road trip!

take care

Lindsey said...

hugs to you & daniel from me & jasper too. wishing safe travels. hope to see new blogs as soon as you will be able :)

Little Penny Lane said...

Karen! For some reason, I can't comment on any of your recent posts :(

I just wanted to say thanks for your comments, they always make me smile.

Love reading your blog!