Thursday, August 12, 2010

new addition

for those of you who arent butterball's or my friend on facebook you should add us because we keep up with that more then the blog.

this post is for those who dont keep up with us on facebook.....

i adopted a new corgi :)

i will be posting some more about him in another blog within the next few days

but here is a little about him:
Name: benny
Age: 2 years old and he's a big b
he loves to cuddle and wrestle with butters
butterball and benny play great together and they are getting more comfortable with each other.

one downside of benny: he has some kind of camera/ cell phone camera phobia and it is very difficult to take pictures of him. once he realizes im trying to get a picture of him he runs away -_- what a weirdo


That corgi :) said...

he looks mighty comfortable on the bed Karen! nice looking corgi!! don't know why, but Koda is camera shy too; might be the flash in their eyes??

I'm not on Facebook (by choice) so I'm glad you updated your blog to show us your new buddy!


Kelly said...

Yay :) I can't wait to hear more about Benny! I'm sure he'll warm up to the camera soon enough.

Pam said...

Congrats!! I was really nervous when I got my second dog, but now they play together like crazy :) I'm sure they'll be great friends

Katie said...

He is the cutest addation to your family. Butterball must be having fun with one of his own kind. :-)

Karen and Bailey said...

lol i hope he warms up to the camera, and i hope to see some more pictures soon!! :) glad you decided on another boy.. and again.. love the name!

Lindsey said...

awww that's awesome! I would love to get another, but I'm afraid it would "change" my little love muffin Jasper. :)Now I have to go friend you on facebook :)

Little Penny Lane said...

wow two corgis! good luck! :P

Paige said...

Karen, your Corgis are so cute! My corgi puppy has a blog too, his name is Dexter: