Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Paw It Forward!!!

Keeping up with some of the blogs I read regularly….I came across one post that caught my eye. It was a paws it forward post from Katie at All That Jazz

Paws it forward is a cute little idea that gets dog people together….since I am posting about It I will send a paw it forward package to the first two people who respond to this post, and then those next to people will keep it going,

Katie received her box from California (she lives in Florida), and then she sent me one back to California.

I think that this is a cool way to connect with the corgi people!! It’s been an exciting experience and I cant wait to pass it on.

here's some of the cool stuff katie sent benny, butterball, and she even included me!!

our paw it forward box came with yumyum treats, a squeaky ball head thing, a beaver that also squeaks, a bear that use to squeak (it had all its body parts when it came in the box), and cool travel bowl, and the cutest corgi painting ever :)

we love all our gifts!! the boys love their toys!! (katie im sorry there isnt more pictures, its not letting me upload any. dont worry i will make sure to try again in another post to show you how much fun the boys are having!)

thanks so much katie and whiskey!!

so if you want to be the next to enjoy paws it forward, then comment me and leave your email :) and i will contact you!


Karen and Bailey said...

me ! me!!

Karen said...

whats your email silly!!

Karen and Bailey said...

hahha ok had to get that post in first, but i noticed that the B's already chewed off the nose and ears off the bear, and bailey did the EXACT SAME THING when i bought his bear. hahahahah!!!!!

Karen and Bailey said...

oh my email. orangecorgi at gmail dot com!

Laurie said...

Ahhh did I finally get one???

Sadie will be so excited!

Katie said...

I'm excited for more pictures! Im glad the boys are having fun! My little bears look the same too, except whiskey goes for the legs and arms. :-) and yay ^ Laurie!!

Jenny said...

I keep missing out on these! I gotta start catching up on my blog reading faster! :) Stanley had that bear too and did the same thing too!!