Tuesday, July 27, 2010


well the little sweetie pie wont be coming home with me because the person isnt very willing to provide me with what i want (vet information)...

this one lady did contact me looking for a home for her five year old corgi....only problem is he's never been an inside dog and he doesnt walk on a leash....

how long do you think it would take me to train him??? is it harder to train an older dog to not pee inside the house or a puppy? butterball picked up on outside=potty within the first couple weeks.

i really like the little guy he's so cute!!! and i dont want him to go to a home he wont be loved


That corgi :) said...

Karen, as cute as that puppy was, I'm glad it didn't work out if she wasn't willing to give you what you needed to assure the dog was healthy and she wasn't running some type of scam. I am not sure about training an older dog. I would think it would follow what Butterball did as far as going in and out to take care of business, but I'm not really sure. Might be worthwhile to call Pet Smart and see if you can talk with one of the people that runs their classes and see if they could give you some advice.


Karen and Bailey said...

yes better safe than sorry, you have so much time on your side, so don't hurry it - youll be glad you took the time to find the perfect guy. the best case scenario would be to find someone local, someone you could bring butters to meet and see how they get along. with a 5 year old dog, you run the risk that he wont take much of butterballs youngness and he might be dominant towards him!!!

i actually saw some posts on our yahoo group about 3 corgis needing homes - two on craigslist, and 1 on mycorgi - bay area and northern california corgis group. id recommend those since you can actually meet the dog and the owner before you bring them home.

good luck!

ocmist said...

I'd be careful about a 5 year old that isn't housebroken because Males are NOTORIOUSLY hard to housebreak after they are over a few months old!!! I've fostered several and over all the years I've had dogs, house breaking an older male is almost impossible in my experience... even corgis. If you get them very young, no problem... but older ones... :(

I see you are on Facebook. Have you ever done the Save A Dog Application? You can search by breed, and I know I've seen several corgis in S. CA rescues that are waiting to find homes. You REALLY should look into that application and check for one near you. That Simi Valley one usually has corgis.