Friday, April 30, 2010


Some of the things butters does.
Fall asleep every car ride
Eat his leash for the first 15 minutes he has it on, and when he remembers its on
Eat my clothes
Hide behind furniture
Crawl under my bed (big no no)
Lick the condensation off drinks
Dig in the bed
Dig in the garden
Eat the towel when I am drying him off after a bath
Roll in the garden after a bath
Marley moments (eat the carpet)
Act possessed
Fall asleep on his back with his legs/arms in the air
Eat his bones/toys on my lap
Run away from me when he’s in the garden
Eat my shoes
Chew on the strings from clothing
Crawl on my textbooks so I cant do my homework
Crawl on the laptop keyboard
Crawl into the refrigerator when it is open
Throw his treats around then attack them
Chase my bigger dog around
Dominate the bigger dog
Try to eat dryer sheets
Tear up any type of paper/cardboard
Eat leaves
Stare at his reflection in the mirror

There’s so much more but I simply cant think of everything at the moment. Does this sound like your corgi?


Lindsey said...

haha he sounds like a corgi! I love the picture in the tub.

Karen and Bailey said...

hahaha :) cute! they become better behaved when they grow up.... theyre ust testing ya!

That corgi :) said...

hi; found your blog through a comment you left on Finn's blog; Butterball is so cute! I'm just south of you in Southern California (in the Temecula Valley :)

Koda, my tri, didn't do a lot of chewing as a puppy on shoes and whatnot, maybe because I was home all day with him (I work at home) and when not home, we keep him in a crate (but not for longer than 5-6 hours tops and he has plenty of room in there). Anyway, otherwise, he does do a lot of things you mentioned that Butterball does, especially wanting to be right wherever we are at

I know you will definitely enjoy your adventures as a corgi owner :)


Karen said...

i sure hope he calms down a bit as he grows but i love him no matter what :)

betty: im home with butterball unless when im at school. i leave him in his play pen or when someone else is home in the backyard (im too afraid that someone will want to steal him, paranoid i know)
when butterball knows he has someting he shouldnt he runs off with it and hides.
i will definitly start reading your blog :) i have alot of catching up to do.

lindsey: i love that picture too :)