Thursday, April 29, 2010

jacket weather

Today was a little better, from what I have seen Butterball has not thrown up and his poop is going back to normal. I decided it would be nice to take him out. My boyfriend and I decided that we would go to the mall to get something to eat, and to visit the puppy store. After reading “Bailey the Corgi” blog entry today about her corgi having outfits, I decided I want to get Butterball a jacket. I never thought I would be a person to dress up my dog. I always thought this was weird and cruel, until I saw a corgi dressed up. It just makes them so much cuter. My boyfriend thought I was ridiculous for wanting to buy him a jacket since “he has fur and he’s a dog” but I am tired of picking him up and feeling his tummy all dirty and wet. I couldn’t resist buying him a jacket once I saw what they looked like. He’s so cute in his jacket and he seems to enjoy it. I put it on him right after we got out of the store, then we walked to eat. Of course Butterball grabbed the attention of everyone, the little kids enjoyed seeing him in his hoodie. I don’t want to take it off him and I haven’t yet. I’m a little sad that its going to be getting warm soon and he wont be able to wear it anymore. I will definitely be looking for more clothes for him. After his adventure at the mall he fell asleep in the car and has been sleeping every since. I’m so happy that he’s feeling better today although I can still tell his tummy is a little upset. I hope he gets better soon, I don’t like it when my sweetheart doesn’t feel good.

i think he enjoyed all the extra attention he got :)


Karen and Bailey said...

aww he is such a cutie pie!!! hehehe the key to getting them used to clothing is to start early! then they dont care what ridiculous things you put on them when they get older! and im glad to hear hes doing better :). Also, he will grow out of that jacket very quickly! bailey grew out of his jacket in a matter of months. hhahahhah then its just another reason to go shopping again! :)

Karen and Bailey said...

oh and may i ask which breeder did you guys get butterball from?!?!!?

Karen said...

what size clothing do you get Bailey, i chose the medium it said that it was ment for corgis.

its a place in morina valley called Royal corgi's of america.

Lindsey said...

lolol awesome hoodie! Hope he feels better, he's such a little cute mushball...glad I found your blog :)