Wednesday, April 28, 2010


So today has been a little stressful. I think butterball is sick, either he ate something bad (I think that this is probably the case) or something is seriously wrong. He’s been playing with my other dog like normal but he’s thrown up once that I’ve seen and he’s been peeing a lot. Another weird thing is that he’s been okay with cuddling up with me and okay with my holding him, he falls right asleep. This is very unusual for him. Butterball is not a cuddlier, when sleeping in my bed, he will go as far away as possible from me as he can. I think this is due to the fat he loves the cold. He can be found asleep on the cold hard tile when he is downstairs. Butterball is also not a lapdog I’ve tries to get him to sit down so I can enjoy petting him, but he throws a fit and jumps off my lap as soon as possible. His breathe smells a bit sour, like he has an upset stomach. I hope that nothing is seriously wrong and that he’s just been eating too much human food :[ partly my fault. I’ve been training him to not bug me when I am eating and to not bark for food as well. When he listens and acts like a good boy I give into temptation…I think I might of given him too much in a short amount of time and his tummy isn’t use to it yet. None of the food was listed as poisonous food for dogs.

Another thing that was very strange was I left my room for about ten minutes and later I realized that Butterball peed on my bed. He does this every once in awhile, but usually its my fault because I don’t take his whining and barking as a sign that he needs to potty. He didn’t fuss at all about having to go, and the amount of pee was incredible. I didn’t notice the pee till a lot later, but when I came back I put him outside for potty time and he peed a lot then too. I don’t think he’s been drinking that much water so I am not sure why this is happening.

Butterball is still very playful. There were only a couple of differences in him today….this week has been so stressful for me. I hope my baby is okay. If he is still having stomach problems, I might have to take him to a vet. Which will be a painful for my wallet. I do hope he’s okay.

Since I am a senior in high school I will be going to prom on Saturday, another reason why this week has been very stressful. I really do hope everything works out for the best.

i want to see him do this again it was so funny i cant believe i captured his demented smile


Karen and Bailey said...

hmm as far as the peeing on your bed goes -youll have to teach him that he isn't allowed on there until he's got some bladder control. It could be a bladder control issue... or a dominance issue.

Poor thing I'm not sure what could be wrong, but when bailey would throw up on occassion, and was still acting normal otherwise (eating, playing, pooping fine)- it usually cleared up on its own. Is he drinking water a lot, or just peeing( like marking his terrority ) a lot? You can give the vet a call without bringing him in just to see what they say and see if they think you should bring him in. I would eliminate all human food from his diet for now, and just stick to dog food!

good luck! they are tough little dogs , and you'll eventually get over the trouble-making phase. just stick in there... itll get better!!!!!!!

Karen said...

not sure if its dominace or a bladder control issue but he knew he definitley did something wrong.

i was up really late with him last night because he had diarrhea , I am not sure how he was today since I just got home from school and I am not sure if the poop outside is new or not. I will see what happens if it persists I will definitely call a vet.

He loves water so he does drink a lot. I think when he’s marking his territory its only little amount because I find little amounts of pee on the floor from him. It might be a problem because my other dog marks his territory quiet a bit, and Butterball is on his way to declaring dominance. I will definitely eliminate human food for him. They are a lot of trouble but its all worth while.