Sunday, May 2, 2010


I need a little advice on some things. I went to Petsmart today and I was looking into the puppy training classes. They are a bit costly but I like what it offers its $110 for eight weeks, it will cover a lot of things that I need to work on with butterball. Butterball is very interested in dogs that are similar in size but he is a little skittish around people. His attitude towards people changes. With some people he’s really friendly and will go over to them and go kiss and sometimes people will try to pet him and he acts like he wants to go greet them but he’s too scared. I feel that the puppy classes will get him use to socializing not only with dogs but with people.

Did you take your corgi to puppy classes if so where and how much was it? Did you feel that it was worth it? What did your corgi learn.

Another thing I am looking into is the furminator. I’ve heard that it really works. Butterball hasn’t hit his shedding stage yet, besides his puppy fur. Should I buy it now and start using it right away?

Do you feel that it was worth buying? How many times do you use it in a month? How old was your corgi before you started using it?

Also im wondering when your corgi ended his/her teething stage and when did your corgi start losing teeth?

I would really appreciate your feedback.

Butterball loves car rides and I love it when he falls asleep with his tongue out.

Looks very awkward to me hahaha but he seemed to like laying like that


That corgi :) said...

we took the puppy class at PetSmart five years ago (and this was when we lived in Montana). I want to say the cost was $65 but I don't really remember for sure. For me, it was worth it because it helped me learn a lot about dogs in general and Koda did enjoy socializing with the other dogs. I know several people have used the furmigator, I haven't looked into yet. Those who have used it say it really works, but I'm not sure how often they use it, etc. Again, can't remember for sure because it was five years ago, but I'm thinking Koda lost all his baby teeth before we went on vacation when he was about 6 months old. hope this helped a bit :)


Bailey's Adventures said...

puppy classes are a definite yes in my book :-) for many reasons...we did it mainly for socialization. even though it can backfire, usually I think it is a good experience.

Our pup Bailey actually got attacked in puppy kindergarten by another dog. She was terrified for a long time, but we kept taking her out and met other dogs. She wanted nothing to do with big high energy dogs (like the one that attacked her), but we kept reinforcing her and had some positive interactions and she was able to recover from her fear of big she loves every dog :-)

Karen and Bailey said...

Oh, hes so cute!! :) hehehehehe

Ok- YES for puppy class. As soon as possible while the window is still open!!!! I actually have a coupon for $10 off the training class at Petsmart - but I don't know how comofortable you are about emailing me your address - but you can have it!!! Also, we took the puppy class when bailey was only 4 months,right after he got his rabies shot. We found it very very helpful. You can read my older posts and see! I liked how petsmart offered an extra two weeks, and how it was slightly cheaper than Petco.

Oh and bailey was losing teeth at the age of 6-7 months. I was only able to catch one of them! The others he ate or we lost them outside. hahahaahah

Karen and Bailey said...

oh and the furminator!! - we have a large sized one we bought off (cheapest for us at the time!), and it really doest work!!!.. takes out so much fur. I don't think i bought it until about bailey was like 10 months or so, when i noticed that he started shedding. Even then, i remember being able to take out a pile of fluff! If you buy it now, just be extra gentle and to give him lots of treats while you are using it and do it OUTSIDE because you'll be amazed at the amount of fur you will get off him!!!

Feel free to ask any other questions!!! we've gone through it all!

Karen said...

i will definitly take butterball to puppy classes since all your great feedback said it was a good experience.

Karen: where did you get the coupon(newspaper?) if i cant find any i will definitly love it if you could send my the $10 off :) i would really apppreciate it!

thank you all for your feedback

Karen and Bailey said...

I got it from the Entertainment book (its like a mass coupon book), have you heard of that? hahah We are defintely not going to use it, so just let me know! :)

Karen said...

karen: could you email me letting me know its you.
i dont really want my address on here and i dont know how to contact you privatly through here

heres my email adress

thanks :)