Monday, May 10, 2010

all better now

I am happy to say that butterball is all better. He did fine with the medicine and the swelling was completely gone by the morning. I am glad that he’s okay I was really worried.

I wont be on very much and if I am I will just be reading some of the blogs that I follow. I wont have much time to write anything since it’s the week day. Its easier for me to keep up with the blog on the weekend since I don’t have school and I Sunday is homework day.

Butterball is doing great, he’s starting to calm down and not be so crazy. I think that this is due to him getting older. He’s starting to listen to “butterball” when I call him unless he’s very distracted in his own little world. He was stopped the nipping of the face thing which is also great. The only thing I need to work on is when we are playing he sometimes catches my fingers or arm or he starts rough housing too much.

Today I noticed that butterball was missing his two (font) bottom teeth I cant believe it has started already. This Wednesday I have to take butterball for his last round of puppy shots I am very excited for this. Well not for him getting his shots but for him to finally be able to go to the dog park. I’ve been anticipating this since I got him.

the morning after the scare he seemed alot happier

butterball being my study buddy :)

he was happy to see me when i got home from school.

Butterball and I hope you all have a great week


That corgi :) said...

I wonder if Butterball got stung by a bee and that is what made his face/lips swell up. glad he is feeling better today and glad he conquered those stairs!

good luck with all the end of school stuff! I don't think you ever have to apologize if you can't blog as much as you might want to because of other things going on; I always tell people blogs are always here waiting for when people can get to them :)


Karen and Bailey said...

yay glad to hear he is all better.

have i said how cute he is ?!?! haha. which breeder did you get him from? :)

awwww i know. i was waiting until bailey got his rabies shot and off we were to the park. dont be surprised if you get many comments "aww hes socute". etc. be READY for all the love!!!!

Karen said...

beth: i am not sure if he got stung by a bee since it was at nighttime. i think maybe it was a spider, i've seen alot of baby spiders all over my house and in the backyard. i've caught him play with them too.

karen: i've brought butterball to the petstore and mall to eat at an outside cafe alot of people react to him "is that a corgi" and the little kids love him too. i got butterball from a breeder in morino valley they are called "the royal corgis of america"
where and what breeder did you get bailey from?

Karen and Bailey said...

heheh thats good, get him used to kids and stuff then he wont be afraid of them.

i got bailey from a breeder in corning, ca (way way northern ca) - "briar creek kennels".

Bailey's Adventures said...

Glad to hear he is all better :-)

Bri said...

yay...glad butterball is ok!
sammy and i had some issues with his rough housing. after a short amount of time, i am proud to say he now knows "ow!" he instantly stops what he is doing and pulls back and looks at you. unfortunately it took a couple smacks (just to get his attention) to the nose. also, sammy now knows "say you're sorry!" he give a little kiss to the injured party. it really helped with his rough housing. also, for a short time, we stopped playing with him all the way on the ground 'til he could calm down a little. we always made sure we were on a chair or something to show our "leverage." but only for a couple days or so. really slowed him down. we also had a tendency to wrestle with each other, and sneak up on each other, and we stopped that so he wouldn't see us rough housing! haha
teething is a fun fun time. we brought sammy home when he was 4 months old, and began teething just 8 days after bringing him home. he had teeth poppin out left and right. he was unhappy!! he had 6 teeth out in 3 days! for him there were 2 periods of rapid teeth loss with a very unhappy puppy in between. we took his rawhides and froze them as treats, mainly while we were gone. he just loved them. they have nylabone puppy bones that are chewier than regular ones and so we got those and froze them for him. it was a hit. luckily he didn't teeth for long otherwise it could have gotten expensive. sammy seemed in pain, he would whine, especially when playing, but luckily it was fast! he still gets frozen treats today! we like to freeze peanut butter in hollow bones for him when we are gone for longer periods of time than usual. he loves them!
hope butterball teeths quickly, too. maybe those are a couple tricks you would be interested in! butterball is a very handsome fella! you are lucky to have each other! have a wonderful week as well!
ps. i'm enjoying catching up on your blog. i got a little behind on my blogs with the end of my semester!

Karen said...

bri- i give butterball smacks and flicks to the nose but he doesnt seem to mind so i've switched to butt swatting(not too hard) i feel so bad about but it gets the point across. he's been better about the rough housing but no matter what his sharp little baby nails always scratch me. maybe i need to get them cut im not sure. im thinking i just need to play with him at a more superior level so he knows its not okay to be too rough.

peanutbutter and bones hmm that sounds like a great idea i will definitly try it. when butterball first came home his baby teeth were still growing so i would freeze a wet wash cloth and he loved it. about how long so you think sammy teethed for?
by the way i love your blog and sammy is so cute!! :D

Bri said...

awww...thanks, i tell him he is adorable everyday. he has quite the ego. sammy lost teeth for about 3 days, then didn't but we could tell was in teething pain for about 4 days, then 2 more days of lost teeth. then he whined for a day, and it was all over! so about a week and a half total. it wasn't fun while it was going on, but luckily was shorter than i expected!
yeah, those nails don't get any better. we haven't clipped his nails because the cement keeps them ok, now that he is older. sammy got hit on the butt a couple times, but smacking him on the nose really captures his attention! he blinks pretty ferociously! haha. if you play too hard, he might amp it up, too. sammy usually tests our strength as goes as hard. but maybe it will work for butterball. its hard when all dogs are different with different personalities. they talk about that kind of stuff on tv shows and in the books! but they really are all different!
good luck!

Karen said...

hmmm it doesnt seem like he's lost anymore just the two bottom teeth he probably lost them play fighting with my older dog they love to lock jaws. dogs are like humans :) i wish they could talk becuse i am convinced they can understand us. butterball acts like a demon sometimes i wonder if he's evil then he snaps out of it and looks so cute like "hi mommy, that never happened" thanks for all the help and advice i really do appreciate it :D

Lindsey said...

butterball is adorable! And so glad he is better! I love the study buddy picture:)