Tuesday, May 4, 2010

growing up

Butterball is beginning to get more comfortable with me. I’ve had him for about two months. He’s starting to become my cuddle buddy. Usually when I wake up in the morning he is laying next to me or touching me somehow. I love it. I was a little disappointed when he use to not want to cuddle so I am trying not to force it and now he comes on his own. I’m still hoping for him to get use to being petted. I’ll have to wait and see if it works out.

butterball being my cuddle buddy :)

Butter’s is getting so long and heavy now. I have to carry him down the stairs since he cant go down them. He’s had a few accidents trying to go down them. One problem with carrying him downstairs is he’s getting heavier, longer, and bigger. I don’t know how much longer I can carry him down the stairs. Did your corgi have problems with stairs? I think he might have so much trouble is because the stairs aren’t wide enough and he doesn’t know how to maneuver his body yet. Maybe I just need to start helping him learn he needs to turn his body a certain way and encourage him with a lot of treats.

One thing that I don’t like about butter’s is his little biting problem. When he’s very excited he kisses then bites. He’ll be so happy and greet you and kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss, then all of a sudden CHOMP on your nose, lips, chin, ears, and so on. Its one thing I am working very hard on. I tell him no but when he gets excited again it goes out the window.

Butter’s only has his last round of puppy shots left. I am very excited to be able to take him to the dog park. I am eager to see how he reacts and how others react around him. I hope all goes well. One thing I am afraid of is he will want to “puppy play” with an older dog and the older dog wont have it and will hurt him. My older dog, Lucky plays well with butter’s. butter’s will chase him around the house and yard. When lucky is tired of butter’s he’ll go to the couch, since butter’s isn’t able to get up yet. Lucky will also play back. They play very well with each other. I am very glad since lucky wasn’t a dog person before we brought butters home.

butterball playing with lucky

taking a break after his fun

I hope you all are having a great week with your corgis


Karen and Bailey said...

he is so cute and handsome! im glad you have him around another dog at this age, so he is socializing!! and.. bailey doenst cuddle much, :( even now, its kinda sad, but i realized he is just a very independent dog, which is why he is so great when i leave him to go for work.

bailey just learned the stairs naturally. its acutally better if they dont get too confident about that... since their long backs are suspectible to issues, especially going DOWN stairs.

also with treh nipping , if you dont want him to continue doing this, id nip it in hte butt now, and scream slightly everytime he does it, so he learns that he is hurting you (just like he would do if some other dog chomped him on the ear). good luck!

That corgi :) said...

seems like you are enjoying Butterball so very much! he's so cute too! I wonder if he is going to be a red-headed tri or keep the black between his eyes on his forehead. Koda started out with black and moved to being a red head within 6 months or so of age.

I think Koda did better going upstairs before he did good going downstairs. When he was Butterball's age, we had 2 stories, but we mainly were on the top floor (bottom was a basement) and he didn't go up and down; we had a gate there so he wouldn't. When we moved into a 2-story where we had to go upstairs for the bedroom, he was older and seemed to maneuver them better but it always would worry me when he would come bounding down them for something or another. Now we live in a 1-story so no problems.

I agree with what Kim said about nipping. I think they said that at puppy case too to let him know that it does hurt like screaming when he does it.


Karen said...

karen: i've been working on the nipping issue with slightly screaming "oww, then telling him no" its getting better but still a problem

betty: now that you mentioned your tri changing colors, i;ve realized that his head is becoming lighter and is starting to turn red. its not compltely black like the rest of his body.

butterball has rolled down the stairs twice...i almost died of a heart attack. the first day we brought him home he had no trouble going up them, just down. i'll just give it some time