Sunday, May 9, 2010

ups and downs

Today has been a rocky day for butterball and me. To start it off his tummy was upset all day because he decided to steal a big piece of chicken form my mothers dinner plate when she wasn’t looking the night before. So I was worried all day that he was going to have a accident in the house. My luck he didn’t and I kept putting him outside. He’s doing really well with not using the bathroom in the house lately. Butterball was very playful and I played with him a lot. Both he and I enjoyed it. I feel like I’ve been neglecting him this past week due to me being so tired and trying to keep up with the end of the school year workload. He also conquered the stairs today!!!

He ruined one of his toys. It was one of those stuffed animals that squeak. He love to bite the ears, nose, and tail off to get to the stuffing then he goes at the stuffing once he’s accomplished that. I am not sure if he’s just being destructive by trying to get all the stuffing out and tearing it up or if he tries to eat it. Either way I always find him eating little pieces. I had to take the toy away from him and he looked at me with those eyes “mommy but I love that toy please give it back, I love you, I wont get sick or hurt eating the stuffing” so I caved. I didn’t give him the stuffed animal back with the stuffing though I took out every single piece of the stuffing that could possibly come out. Now the stuffed animal is no longer a “stuffed animal” but just a floppy piece of material that he could chew on. He chewed on it for a little then he decided it wasn’t as fun as it used to be. He played the rest of the night.

My boyfriend and I decided to make a frozen yogurt run and we put butterball outside with my other dog lucky. When we got back we brought both dogs inside. We ate our ice cream then decided to go to the grocery store to go get our mothers a mother’s day card and flowers. When I was in the car I noticed something funny about butterball’s face. His upper lip on the right side was extremely swollen. We called his dad and he said that he probably just got bit by a bug. I was already jumping to conclusions though “what if it was a poisonous spider”, “what if his airway gets swollen and gets blocked” I of course thought the worst of the situation. We left butterball in the car (it was nighttime and chilly outside and we left the windows cracked) went into the store to get what we went there for. The checkout line was really long and I couldn’t leave my poor butters in the car by himself when he is sick so I decided to go back to the car. When I got back into the car I realized both of butterball’s lips were very swollen, at this point I am thinking he’s really sick and I start crying. My boyfriend just looks at me and says that he’s going to be fine and that we’ll research it when we get home. I am very emotional when it comes to butterball, he’s my baby. When I got home I decided to take a better look at butterball’s lips. He has a big red bump on the right side of the corner of his mouth. I think that this is the cause for it. We found out that we can give dogs benadryl (allergy medicine) to reduce the swelling. We gave him some and the swelling as gone down a lot but its still swollen. His lips feel hard and bumpy like he still has the hives but he’s currently asleep. I am hoping that by morning he will be all better. Maybe I am just freaking out over nothing? I don’t know but I was worried about my puppy. I think I am a crazy dog person who thinks that their dogs are their children.
I will keep update you on how butterball is tomorrow

taken shortly after i discovered the swelling (I am not sure if you can tell its swollen but i could)

after i gave him medicine the swelling was calming down

Today’s ups: conquering the stairs, playtime, cuddle time
Today’s downs: upset tummy, and a very swollen lip

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Karen and Bailey said...

hmmmm yea, be careful and make sure you give the right dosage!. ohhh yay he conquered the stairs. and your reacton was normal.. i wouldve reacted the same way (thinking worse case scenario). i hope he woke up fine! let us know!