Friday, May 7, 2010

fourth months old

Since it’s the end of the school year I don’t know how much I can post in a week since finals will be around the corner. I will try to write two times per week at the most. I will be MIA until school ends for me on the 25th. I am very sorry for this.

Butterball is four months old now, I cant believe how fast time has past and how big he has gotten. I am continuing working on training him to do tricks right now I am working on roll it’s a slow progress but its getting there. Another thing I’ve been working on is going down the stairs, he doesn’t know how to get started but lately I’ve been putting him about five to six stairs from the bottom and showing him how to. Tonight he did those six stairs all by himself I think he’s getting the hang of it, baby steps.

So Butter’s got into a little bit of trouble the other day. I’ve been wondering why he’s been spending so much time under my bed and I was missing one of my text books. I went on the hunt for it to do some homework and guess where it was…..under my bed….and a big corner of the book is chewed up. I was very angry when I saw this but I felt it was partly my fault because I should know better than to leave my expensive text book on the floor. I am hoping the librarian doesn’t notice (slim chance) and I wont owe the money for damages or a replacement. I don’t blame butters but I just need to keep all valuables out of reach and I will try to teach the little monster to not chew what’s not his.

I was wondering if any of you have baked your corgi treats? If so how did their tummy handle it? Butters has a lot of trouble with new food and I am a bit scared to try new things. Where did you find the recipe? I would love to bake him some healthier treats so I know what does into it.

I hope you all have a great weekend and a great mother’s day on Sunday

i was trying to see if he would attempt the stairs so i threw his favorite toy down he kept looking at me then at the toy doen the stairs and would look back and bark "mommy! go get it for me!!!" hahaha

Butters got a bath today, i love it when he looks so fluffy and white :D

dont you just love their big ears? i know i do


Bailey's Adventures said...

oh yeah, the chewed up textbook...I had that happen :-) I left her alone for a minute and I came back and my book was missing the majority of the front can't be mad at them because they look at you with those big eyes and seem to say...But I love you mommy :-)

love those pictures...and enjoy the puppy months...Bailey is going to be one year old in a few weeks, and I cannot even believe it :-)
Good luck on finals, and keep those books out of puppy reach :-)

Karen said...

thanks!! i cant believe how fast time flies and how fast they grow!

Karen and Bailey said...

aww how cute. what a handsome little guy (again!!). nhahaa. im sure he will conquer the stairs one day :). sorry to hear about your textbook. have a great rest of teh weekend!