Saturday, May 15, 2010

marley and happy moments

Well a lot has happened in the past week…..

Number one:
Butterball learned how to jump on the couch of the first time. This makes me so happy because I don’t have to lift the 16 pound dog up when I am lazy of comfortable. There’s only one problem with this. Butterball doesn’t usually jump on the couch unless I am coaxing him with a rawhide or toy, but when I have food…..well that’s a different story. Sometimes when I snack on something or drink something I just sit on the couch and watch TV because its more convenient. Butterball still doesn’t know his food manners so he jumps up on the couch and steals or attacks whatever I have. When he’s around I have to now eat it at the table.

Butterball got into a lot of trouble this week. He was outside and we went to go get him and guess what I saw? Styrofoam all over the back yard. I wasn’t sure where it was coming from because we don’t have anything that is made of Styrofoam in the backyard. I brushed it off and turned to go back into the house and I was about to open the door, looked down, and I saw a big chunk of the decorative molding of the house missing…..I knew who it had to be it was butterball. My mom was very mad about this because we don’t know why he would even do that. My mom blocked it off with stuff so he would stop chewing it apart and he moved it to go at it again. He got a spanking on his butt and a big long lectured that consisted of “NO NO NO NO” and pointing at it.

here is a picture of the damage

Wednesday butterball went to the human society to get his last serious of puppy shots and his rabies shots. He was all fine and dandy and loved the car ride. It was sleepy time for him. He was happy to be around people and to get so much attention. He was fine on the table wagging his little behind and sniffing the lady. Then she turned around and appeared with something. Butterball knew what was going to happen next and he was not happy about it. I could see him trying to think about how to jump off the table but he realized with was much to high for him so he resorted to climbing on my like a cat. He scratched and succeeded making it to my shoulders then me putting him back down and putting a body lock on him. He’s a very strong little guy and boy did I have trouble he got his puppy shot done cried before and after. Then he was like “ohm no I am not doing that again” did the cat climb again. I tried to hold him down but I couldn’t he just kept moving to try to get away, so I had my mom hold him down. He received his last shot and he cried so loud. I felt bad for my poor little guy but I knew that the shots were necessary. I am super excited to be taking him to the dog park soon, I wanted to wait two weeks before I do so his vaccinations can take full effect.

well i have to get going, i am waitinf for my boyfriend to pick me up. we are volunteering at our local animal shelter. i will write more later because i have so much more to talk about and i will talk about how the animal shelter went.

butterball and i hope you have a great day!!


Karen and Bailey said...

awww fabulous!!! woohoo!! congrats on the last round of puppy shots. hahhahaha like a cat, eh. i can totally picture that, and yesss corgis are so much stronger than anyone gives them credit for!

sorry to hear about the molding. You can go to the pet store and get some bitter apple spray, and spray the molding with that, and itll associate the yucky taste with the molding, so hopefully that wont happen again. Bailey loved to rip up cardboard when he was little... hahaha

Bri said...

oh no, butterball sounds quite mischevious with the molding! that is a marley moment! haha. it's only funny as a third party i bet!

yay for jumping on the couch. is butterball doing stairs yet? it took sammy a month with us to do either, which put him at 5 months of age. after a couple months of constantly being coaxed, he loves the couch. we have this one recliner that erik loves with all his chair lovin heart and when he gets down, sammy jumps up and has the most pleasantly mischevious...but im so cute look on his face!
cant wait til you get to go to the dogpark. it is so much fun. i cant wait to hear the stories! the first time is like taking your kid to preschool! we get so attached to our little corgis!

Karen said...

karen- hmmm i would end up spraying the whole house this isnt the first thing hes ruined in the decided it would be fun to rip up the carpet. butterball loves about clothes, shoes, socks, paper, homework, text books, toilet paper, you name it he wants it.

bri- yes butterball just rencently accomplished going downt he stairs he loves being able to do whatever he wants (chase the big dog up and down the stairs) the bigger dog thougt he was smart and would run up the stairs just so butters would follow and then when they both were up there he would run down leaving butters alone. so he would bark and i would have to go get him. i am very glad that he can fend for himself a little better. butterball doesnt really like cuddling so im not sure if he will enjoy being on the couch with me.
hahaha corgis always get their way with their cuteness
i am very excited about the dog park i am actually thinking about just going this weekend because i am very excited to take him.
i think he's my son!!

That corgi :) said...

poor Butterball with the shots; I'm glad he is done for this round and will be able to enjoy the dog park in a few weeks!

too cute about him jumping up on the couch for food; truly a corgi he is :)

sorry about the chewing with the molding; Koda wasn't a chewer so we didn't have any problems like this; hoping Butterball learned his lesson to not do it again


Karen said...

betty- you were so lucky, i love butterball to death but sometimes he drives me insane with all the trouble his teeth have caused