Wednesday, June 16, 2010

stuffed animal galore

One thing I hate about butterball is his stomach….he’s a gassy boy and he’s very inconsistent. I’ve never had a dog without a tail and I never realized it was a saving grace when it came to poop….butterball is a dirty boy after the bathroom and I have to chase him with a wet paper towel to clean him up. He hates it so much. Once he sees the paper towel he knows what it means and he runs off. Poor little guy…if he had a tail I wouldn’t have to do this to him.

My question is…did you have the option of getting your corgi’s tail docked? I didn’t because I meet the breeders when butterball was about 4 weeks old. His tail was already docked. If you had the choice why did you choose it? If I ever have a corgi again I kind of want one with a tail…I miss he tail wagging….even though butters wags his whole backside.

Since butterball is teething he is going through all his toys like crazy. He has this new game where he takes off a limb of the stuffed animal, then he begins to take out the stuffing….I usually let him do it if I’m watching because I make sure he doesn’t eat the stuffing. He loves doing it….he also loves tearing up paper and cardboard so I find myself giving in and letting him have some fun once in a while. Now that butters has mutilated all his dog toys I had to think of something else to give him. I just don’t have the money right now to buy him a bunch of new toys that he will destroy by the end of the month, so I decided to go through my closet. My mom wanted me to keep all my old stuffed animals…so I have a huge box full of them. I decided it would be okay for butters to destroy since they were old and just a waste of space. He was very happy when I pulled out a bunch of stuffed animals. He is happy again.

"what's over my eyes mommy???!!??"
"you covered my eyes, now you must pay!!"

Butterball hasn’t been my sleeping buddy lately….this makes me very sad. I guess at night he would rather be on the cold tile floor downstairs than be in my hot room with me. This makes me very sad. I tried to make him just deal with it and sleep with me but he waits till I’m half asleep and he jumps off the bed. I really don’t like it when he jumps off so I end up just putting him outside because I don’t trust him downstairs all alone (he loves to chew furniture). I just don’t know what to do because when I put him outside in the morning it seems like he was up all night….the next day he’ll sleep most of the day.

I’m curious, how is your corgi handling the heat and if your corgi sleeps with you, has this changed?

i miss my sleeping buddy :(


Kelly said...

Hmm, Gibson has only had 'poopy drawers' once or twice and it is when he is sick w/diarrhea. Otherwise, he is completely clean. Are Butterball's poops soft? I don't think having a tail has anything to do with it :) But on the subject, I would dock if I had the choice. I just think it is more true to the breed's history. I like history :) I wouldn't refuse a corgi w/a tail though.

We have a window AC unit in our room, which keeps it cooler than the rest of the house (w/no AC), so Gibson sleeps in our room all year round.. He actually snuggles more!!

Karen said...

hmmm i thought havign a tail would hide the poopy butt. butters poops range but lately its been soft. after i saw the petsmart commercial for memorial day i wanted to see a corgi with a tail :)
i tried using a portable fan but butters wasnt having it he just barked at it until i turned it off. he's a weirdo

That corgi :) said...

okay, I'm not really bright, I thought Koda was just born with a docked tail, LOL. I would get him docked only since it is associated with the bred like Kelly said. However, if I get another corgi after Koda (although no one could take Koda's place), I think I would get a cardigan one that has a tail.

I wonder if something is getting Butterball's tummy that is making him gassy and having soft poop. Usually when Koda is sick is when he has messy behind and needs paper towel clean up. and he hates it too

We have a ceiling fan in our room that we keep on at night during summer which helps keep him cool, but we live in a one-story house so its not as hot as when we were upstairs in a two-story house. every once in awhile he'll use his stairs to get off the bed and sleep on the bathroom floor. we keep our bedroom door open at night with a baby gate at the door so he doesn't go roaming.

too funny about using your stuffed animals for toys for Butterball. Reminded me of a story when we were moving and we had a garage sale. My kids loved stuffed animals when they were younger and we had tons of stuffed animals. they had grown and no longer wanted as many except their favorites so we sold closed to 4 boxes of them at the garage sale. they liked a lot of polar bears so we had a lot of them to sell. This guy comes to the garage sale, sees the stuffed animals and picks several up, they are all polar bears so I told him we had some other ones here in case he was interested in looking at more polar bears. He said "oh I don't care what they are, I'm just getting them for toys for my dog".

stay cool if you can!!


Bri said...

i think most breeders just dock the tails because it has to been done at such an early age and it's probably easier for them. i'm not sure but corgis with tails are probably not in dogshows and stuff, so they probably just cover their bases. i have seen a couple pics of corgis with tails, and it's quite fluffy and cute. i like the full visual of the corgi butt, but their tails are cute, too! i would definately love them either way!!
as for his "potties" what seems to big the biggest determinate was his kibble. sammy's puppy kibble was quite a bit more rich than adult kibble, and it went through his system much faster, thus less solid. also, his "potty" becomes increasingly less solid if we are doing something he gets really excited about! ie: if we go to the dogpark if he has eaten too recently, or seeing the kitty cats. only twice have we had any troubles with him being "messy." anytime sammy becomes visually or scent-ly (haha i made that word up) yucky, he gets a bath, whether it is bath day or not. i get a little OCD about such things. so his butt is always clean! haha.
as for the heat, sammy doesn't seem equipped to handle the heat. it is really just kicking his cute tushy! our walks are dramatically shorter, and he just gets so excited right up front, that unless we are able to stop somewhere (like the day we went fishing) he will pretend to sniff to go to the bathroom just to lie down. we are still trying to work out a good system with him, but our weather keeps yo-yoing. yesterday it was 82, right now it's 96 with a heat index over 100 degrees. none of this stops him from sleeping with us. we are in an apartment and we don't have much tile to start with, but he asks to get up on the bed when he is ready to go to sleep. we have a ceiling fan as well as a tower fan in the bedroom. when he is hot, he will sleep in front of the fan. sometimes, he gets up in the middle of the night to go in front of it, but not usually. he still cuddles up just above my pillow. and still quite cuddly when he first wakes up (not a morning dog).

oh and i was gonna mention, if you need another suggestion for stuffies, sammy also has a great tendancy to tear open toys, and loves to pull out the stuffing. i think that's all he sees in a toy, a puzzle to the center stuffing (or squeaker). we were lucky enough, that the day we brought him home, we got him a puppy toy, a skinneez fox. it is made without stuffing in the center, but has 2 squeakers. it is still with us today. the eyes and nose have suffered, but we are still able to play tug of war with it. when erik's sister and her fiancee got a puppy, our welcome home gift was a skinneeez rabbit, to which we got a matching one for sammy. they are about $8-10 a peice, but his fox has survived more than 10 months now! and rabbit on 3 months! they get washed frequently because they get gross and the squeakers have died, but he still loves them. the fox is one of his first toys he grabs out of the toybox. when i wash it, he jumps on the washer, and comes with me to the dryer and waits patiently for me to drop it! there are other stuffing less toys, but so far we haven't found one as durable as the skinneeez. we have only seen them at petland and pets-r-us here in omaha, but also online at places like amazon. we havent seen them at petco or petsmart here :(

Karen and Bailey said...

awwww. bailey prefers to sleep on the hardwood rather than carpet, so needless to say he doesnt really stay on my bed if i put him htere. kinda said....

haha the stuffed animal destruction only gets worse. i thought bailey was quite..... gentle... until his adult teeth grew in. now... he doesnt get any stuffed animals. he only gets non-stuffed animals. lol

i didint have the option of docking his tail or not..... but i think i dont mind too much either way, bailey has somewhat of a nub so i can see it wagging sometimes.

oh, does he have loose stool? try a bit of canned pumpkin (pure pumpkin only - no added sugar), or try a bit of banana. if his stool is consistently soft, it might be worms (has he been wormed)?, or..... maybe he needs to change his diet!