Wednesday, June 30, 2010

dog park adventures and an update

Well It has been awhile since I have posted anything not too much has happened lately…..

UPDATE: butterball’s eyes are looking a little better (I’m still not sure what the problem is) some days there is no discharge and other days there is. I am wondering if there are any home remedies for his eye problem. I really don’t want to go to the vet just yet.

So I’ve realized that butterball has made our older dog, Lucky into a trouble maker. My mother went to a dinner party and she brought some food home. What no one ate went in the trash (we don’t like to give it to the dogs because of butterballs sensitive tummy), I come home and I find Lucky acting strange and he was in the kitchen….next thing I know Butterball is barking like mad at Lucky and Lucky is growling…..I ran over and found a rib on the carpet and they were fighting over it…..the bone was pretty much clean by the time I realized they have been eating it. So now butterball has been having tummy problems. Poor little guy.

QUESTION: did your puppy have a lot of tummy issues with different food/ treats? Do they still have the same problem or did it go away with age?

I’ve been taking butterball to the park lately I’ve only had a couple problems while there. Daniel and I took butters to the dog park and a great Dane ran over and started trying to play with butters….butters wasn’t having it and I don’t blame him because of that dogs size…..the dog just wouldn’t leave him alone and butters yelped a couple times when the dog jumped on him so I picked up butters and next thing I know, the great Dane is jumping on me to get poor butterball. This really upset me because the dog was on top of me and he was pretty much towering over me. Daniel had to get the dog to get off and finally its owners came over. Other than that butterball gets along with everyone, he usually tries to stay away from big dogs though. He loves puppies, whenever a puppy is at the park he plays and plays.

One thing I don’t like about the dog park is they have little kiddy pools full or dirty water. Butters thought it would be neat to go lay in it and they go back to playing with the puppy in the dirt. I now know I need to bring a towel every time I go and my camera because i havent taken any pictures at the dog park.

Butterball has learned to jump onto my bed. He did it once by himself but usually he gets on the couch I have by my bed and hops on. He’s a funny little one. The couch I have in my room belonged in my mom’s room but every time he got the chance he would go play on it and I get jealous that he loves my mom better so I moved the couch into my room. I know I am pretty ridiculous and butterball is extremely spoiled.

butterball on "his" couch :) he looks huge here! well he is a big boy :)

Butterball and I hope you have a great rest of the week :)


That corgi :) said...


love Butterball on "his" couch!! they really get possessive about their things don't they? Koda is extremely spoiled too, hard not to spoil these corgis!!

Koda has a sensitive stomach now but he didn't always have a sensitive stomach. If I gave him new treats when he was a pup he could usually handle them. Now it seems if I give him something new we have problems.

I honestly think that owner of the Great Dane should have been keeping a better eye on his dog and not have it jump up all over you. We can't go to dog parks because Koda doesn't like other dogs so we don't run into these problems, but every once in awhile when we are walking, a dog off leash with their owner will come and try to be social with Koda and I'm always saying "he's not friendly" after they say "he is friendly". I think people should be sensitive to looking out at the reactions of other dogs around their dogs

hope you have a nice Fourth of July!!!


Lindsey said...

Butterball looks adorable on his couch!!! Jasper still can't jump on my bed, but he is getting daring lately & jumping off. Jasper has never had a sensitive tummy at all, but I know I have just been really lucky with that. My last dog did & my parents dog does. My last dog was on a special prescription food called I/D. We could only get it at the vet, it was a little pricey, but it definitely worked wonders on his tummy. Maybe just try new foods. I always hear that boiled chicken or beef & rice is a good diet when dogs have any issues.

Karen and Bailey said...

awwww those great dane owners need to watch their dog a bit closer!!!... Yes, bailey is pretty scared of larger dogs (newfoundlands, great danes, irish wolfhounds), so he usually is tip-toe ing around them. Otherwise, baileys pretty social! hehe and that kiddy pool thing doesnt sound very sanitary!!!! bailey would run into that thing too.... hmmm cant really prevent it though, huh? is there a place to hose him off afterwards so he isnt all muddy when he gets in the car??

as far as tummy issues, i found as a pup anything would make him have the runs. hed have to stick to his food and a few treats. When bailey did have the runs, id give him first some banana, and if that didnt clear it up, id do a rice/boiled chicken (no skin) mixture for one day. that should do it!!

also, bailey normally has discharge a couple times a year. i think its allergies or something blowing into his eye, it usually clears up in 2-3 days.