Tuesday, June 8, 2010

...but im adorable

“Hi Butterball here, I decided I would catch up on what my mommy has been saying about me since this blog is all about me…I want you all to know that all the bad stuff she says about me isn’t true….I’m adorable and do you really think I am capable of the amount of destruction she has accused me of? My teeth hurt that’s all….randomly one of my teeth will fall out and I’ll have the nasty taste of blood in my mouth I’m miserable so don’t blame me for my actions…I’m a puppy. My mommy will probably tell you that I’ve been very cranky lately and I blame it on the teething and the heat I hate the summer…..it’s my first one…I hope you all enjoy reading about me because I am adorable”


Bri said...

oh butterball, we understand the teething woes! hopefully, it will get better soon! and of course we love reading all about you! and unfortunately the heat makes us all cranky. it is sammy's first real summer, too. he came home and the very tail end of it last year, so we dont count it!
keep up the puppy cuteness!

That corgi :) said...

Butterball, we know how puppies are and we know that you are absolutely adorable! and we also know that your mom loves you very much!! this heat is unbearable at times, lots of times Koda just finds the coolest spot in the house and sleeps the day away. just make sure you drink plenty of water


Karen and Bailey said...

haha ilove these types of posts! :D me and bailey are back together again! until the 14th at least:). yea maybe if you give him a good combing hell feel better becuase i know bailey has been itching a lot cause there is lots of FUR falling out!

Bailey's Adventures said...

yes, indeed you are very adorable, and don't worry the teething will stop soon. When my teeth fell out, my mom and dad actually found a lot of them on the bed and floor..Now when I look at my baby teeth, I cannot believe my teeth used to be so little :-)

I still like destroying and chewing on stuff even though I am not teething anymore. It is just way too fun :-)

Bailey :-)