Sunday, June 13, 2010

new direction

Butterball has been very grumpy lately….growling and whining I think it’s from him teething. I am pretty sure he’s at the end of the teething journey since it appears that almost all his big teeth are growing in now. I feel bad for the little guy. One night I woke up to a strange sound…butterball was at the edge of my bed gnawing on the headboard…I learned from this now I keep toys in the bed when we fall asleep so if he wakes up in the middle of the night he has something.
I haven’t had much time to blog lately because I’ve been busy spending every waking minute with my boyfriend Daniel before he leaves and also because I haven’t had any new adventures with butterball (I’m going to make my blog more personal but still include butterball). I found out the he leaves before august 14. We haven’t done much since money is tight even with graduation gifts. I did manage to buy a new camera since I don’t own one. Now I don’t have to use my poppy camera phone. I don’t have any good pictures of butterball or Daniel and I hope to get a “family” picture very soon. Daniel is going to attend The Citadel; it’s a military college in South Carolina. I am not too happy about this but since the California education system is crap right now I guess it’s for the better. I will be attending community college for my general Ed. I am not sure what college I want to attend after that but I do know that I want to go to school to be a pharmacist.

Daniel knew he would be leaving that’s one reason he decided to get butterball. Daniel wanted to leave me with butterball so he can keep me company and remind me of Daniel every time I look at butters. I am so happy that Daniel decided to get me butterball because butters makes me happy…he distracts me from family problems and things that would normally upset me. I hope that butters will help me deal with Daniel being away. Daniel has been in my life for almost three years now and I’ve never been away from him longer than a week. I’m hoping that butterball and I can deal with Daniel being gone. Butters knows that Daniel is his dad and he always tries to leave with him when Daniel is about to leave the house and is saying his goodbyes. I get very jealous of this haha.

I have a few questions to ask.
1. Can your corgi jump on the bed? Butterball tries but he fails so he sits up and gives me the look to pick him up
2. Can your corgi jump off the bed? Butterball can but I don’t like it when he does so I try to prevent it
3. What do you feed your corgi? I think he’s getting fat off the dog food (a neighbor called him fat and ugly when he ran out the front door….this upset me very much

"mommy why are you holding me...whats that? ahhh my eyes!!" (butterball and i)
"why must you do this to me???" ( i dont think he likes the flash he kept barking at it)
"i'll just lay down and maybe you'll stop torturing me"

I hope you and your corgi have a great Sunday.


Kelly said...

Gibson can only jump onto and off of the bed when he's feeling really frisky. It's always like, "Holy crap!! He jumped up on the bed!" or "NO!!! Don't jump OFF the bed!!!". hehe. Most of the time though, I am picking him up and putting him up there or off of it. I agree that you should try to discourage him from jumping off of it.. Not such a good angle for their backs :(

Gibson eats Wellness Core (Reduced Fat). He was told by the vet to lose weight last fall and this is the only reduced fat dog food that I found that has an acceptable amount of protein and fiber (most brands not only have reduced fat, but reduced amounts of those as well). The protein and fiber are crucial in a diet so that your dog feels full and doesn't overeat.

I would be really upset if someone called my dog fat and ugly too :( Fat is understandable but ugly??? Come on!!

That corgi :) said...

I can imagine it is going to be hard for you, Karen, when Daniel goes to school, but that sounds like an awesome opportunity for him and you are right, California's education system is not really high quality right now. Thankfully there are great ways for you guys to keep in communication with emails, texting, cell phones, etc. However, I know you guys will miss each other and you'll have to look at the big picture of knowing he is doing this to help with your futures together and you are doing what you need to do for your futures together and try not to get lost in the immediate time missing each other too much and not moving forward with getting the best education available for future times. I'm sure it will be an adjustment but I'm sure you guys will be able to see each other at times during these years on holidays, summer vacations possibly etc.

poor Butterball! I hope he does get through this teething stage quickly.

Koda eats Hill Science diet, the small bites, the light version for dogs 1-6 years old since he is 5 years old. we tried the food that Kelly feeds Gibson but it didn't seem to agree with Koda.

Like Gibson, if Koda is feisty he can jump on the bed but rarely does he. My husband made him stairs to go up and down the bed. He has never used them going up on the bed, but does use them going down the bed. Rarely does he jump off the bed. I know the vet said years ago to make sure they didn't do much jumping since it was bad for their back and back legs. He can easily get on and off my son's futon bed but that's a bit lower.

hang in there and if shoot me an email if you ever just need to "talk"


Karen and Bailey said...

1. yea bailey can barely make it onbut i prefer to carry him up because i feel like he might injure his back
2. yes, but i try to prevent this at all costs!
3. wow your neighbor is mean. butterball doesnt look fat.... bailey is on wellness super5 mix chicken and he gets 1/2 cup in the morning and 1/2 cup in the evening... with some treats of course throughout the day, and gets to munch on rawhides or bully sticks. he is adorable and anyone who says otherwise is just jealous!

Lindsey said...

Jasper definitely can't jump onto my bed. He has only jumped off it a few times & it surprised us both! My other Corgi could jump on & off of everything though.
Jasper definitely does not have any weight problems. He gets a TON of exercise...about 2-3 miles walking a day. But he is also a picky eater. He nibbles at his dog food all day. I often make him chicken & rice special dinners too. And he get a lot of beef marrow bones, which have a lot of healthy fats & nutrients.
What a mean neighbor! Corgis are the cutest! All of them!

Rachel said...

1. Can your corgi jump on the bed? When we had carpet in the bedroom Bender had no problem. Now that we have hardwood floors he can if he gets a running start otherwise he does this really pathetic half jump and ends up with his front paws on the bed staring you down until you pick him up.

2. Can your corgi jump off the bed? Bender usually takes flying leaps off the bed to chase his brother, but our bed isn't that high off the ground.

3. What do you feed your corgi? We feed Bender mainly a mix of Nature's Recipe Kibble, raw meat, yogurt, and sojos. Seems to work well for him.

I think your neighbor must have seen some other dog, your boy is adorable!