Tuesday, June 1, 2010

dog park and swimming.

Well it has been awhile since I’ve posted. I’ve been really busy lately. Good thing is that I graduated! Bad thing is, I’ve been neglecting butterball because of all the chaos lately
I’ve been trying to devote my time to butterball but with everything that has happened lately it’s difficult.

He’s growing up so fast….

I’ve been taking the little monster to the dog park lately. I want him to get used to other dogs and not be a jerk like my other dog is. At first butterball was very skittish and only wanted to hide under the bench Daniel (my boyfriend) and I were sitting on. He’s been slowly breaking out of his shell. There is this one dog that loves to tease butterball….the dog will come up to butters and steal a leaf of stick that is close to him and entice him to want it….once the dog grabs butters attention she’ll run off and tease him some more. I find this hilarious and butterball just runs after her barking and tripping over his big paws. He is not coordinated at all. He tends to walk and trip over his feet and do a face plant I feel bad for the little buddy.

I am happy to say I met my first, well first two corgis in my area. Daniel and I went to the dog park and I saw them. They were in the little dog area I usually take butters into the big dog area since there are more dogs there and I had a nice chat with the lady. She had a three year old sable and a seven month year old tri. I didn’t realize how big butterball was until I met another corgi. He was twice the size of the seven month corgi. The lady said he looked normal because he has a really big head and paws. This makes sense because my boyfriend did pick the puppy with the biggest paws in the litter. I was so excited to talk to her about corgis. I can tell that pretty much anyone who owns a corgi has the same obsession. I had to leave shortly after because every time I looked at Daniel he looked like he was on the verge of killing me. He thinks I am too obsessed with butters and I think this blog proves it….but to my defense I am not the only one!!!!

Butterball hates the heat…the heat just arrived here I’m hoping it goes back to being 60 soon. The poor guy didn’t even have fun at the dog park every time I stopped talking to the lady I found him lounging in the shade which defeats the purpose of taking him to the dog park to release some of his endless energy. I thought it would be nice to take butterball into the pool with me and Daniel….poor guy hates me now because of it. He swims but he acts like we are torturing him…I hope that he will eventually get used to the pool and will end up coming in on his own.

I have a question to ask….how do you clean your corgi’s teeth. I tried to brush his teeth the other day but he was so scared all he would do was run away and scratch to get away. I ended up giving up because it felt like I was torturing him.

have a great week!!!

"hi mommy im eating my yummy rawhide on you!!"

yummy tennis ball

this was the cutest thing...i've never seen them cuddle and as you can tell by lucky's face he was just as suprised as i was....they usually fight


Kelly said...

You are definitely not the only obsessed one :)

I clean Gibson's teeth w/ one of the three sided tooth brushes for dogs and a toothpaste called KISSABLE! It tastes/smells like vanilla mint and he loves it! I normally just hold it out in front of his face and he'll start chewing on the brush. I grab his jaw once it is in his mouth and brush his back molars once over.. and then I'll just let him chew on it. He usually gets every area of his mouth by himself (if not, I'll hold his jaw again and get where he needs). It takes practice, but it's doable!

That corgi :) said...

congrats on your graduation!!! certainly a milestone indeed! (and I think your choice of a career with pharmacy is a very good one!!)

glad you got to meet up with other corgis and their mom and have a conversation with her. and you are right, they don't like the heat at all. I have to walk Koda early in the morning (I'm talking 6:15 ish) before it gets too hot here or he melts too. And in the evening we'll walk him when the sun goes down. I think its because they have such thick fur they really heat up.

I bet Butterball is enjoying spending time with you for a bit until life gets wild again, hoping it is a restful summer for you!


Karen said...

kelly: hmmm i will definitly have to go to the petstore and look for something because he is not liking human tooth brushes he knows what they look like....thanks for the tip!!!

betty: thanks :D butters coat is so thick im use to dogs having really short coats of fur....and to top it off hes mostly black poor little guy even pants being in the car due to the sun. i will have to take him out when its cooler outside.

Karen and Bailey said...

i use a finger brush (one that just covers over your index finger) - its less invasive, then i bought some peanut butter flavored natural toothpaste!! :) hahha sometimes he licks off all the paste before the brush is in his mouth.. lol but eventually we get it done!

Bri said...

Yay for the dogpark! We have lots of big dogs in the family and Sammy sometimes gets a little too fiesty for the small dog park, so we will often go to the big dog park as well. But not very many corgis venture over there. We have met all of our other corgi friends except one at the small dog side as well. And yep....everyone is obsessed with their corgis, but how can you not be!! Haha. We haven't been there as much with all the heat, Sammy doesn't handle it well.
As for the teeth brushing, Sammy is pretty darn ridiculous. I have the hardest time with him. I even have peanut butter flavored dog toothpaste, but it doesn't help me a bit. I pretty much have to corner him in the bathroom. I have a long toothbrush that has 2 sides and I use the skinny small side for his back teeth and try the fatter side for his front teeth. He uses his tounge against it as I try to brush and gives me crazy helpless eyes. I probably never get it done right, but I still try. I have no idea how to calm him down. He is A-Ok with getting his ears cleaned, loves the bath, but brushing his teeth is right next to impossible! Haha. Good luck! I like Karen's idea and I might hafta look for a finger brush!
Good luck with the swimming also, I would LOVE to get Sammy in a pool, but that's unlikely here in Nebraska. Maybe a lake soon though!! :)

Karen said...

hmmm i think i will try the finger brush that seems alot less complicated than having to hold something....and i'll get the poor guy yummy peanutbutter toothpaste

wish me luck haha!