Tuesday, July 6, 2010

6 months

Butterball turned six months old today (well yesterday since I’m blogging early in the morning). I can’t believe how big he is and how time has flown.

Butterball had a great Fourth of July. He got lots of lovin and a lot of goodies; he got to try homemade strawberry ice cream for the first time. One thing butterball loves is frozen fruit. No tummy issues today thank goodness. One thing I’m proud of is that butterball doesn’t mind fireworks; in fact he didn’t even notice them. He is sure oblivious sometimes.

I’m sad to say I didn’t get to throw butterball a little birthday party for turning six months, I really wanted to. I wanted to make a big deal about turning six months because Daniel won’t be there when butters turns a year old. Instead of throwing him a mini birthday party we went over Daniel’s aunt’s house for a potluck. I decided to bring butterball. He spent most of the time outside with us because some of the dogs didn’t like him. Again today he got to chow down on some goodies that Daniel’s family fed to him. He’s sure spoiled and everyone loves him. Butterball got to meet a smaller dog than him it was a Chihuahua and only a couple months old. Butterball is such a good boy we went on a walk down to the park without the leash and he listened very well. Butterball is also a very good playmate with dogs. He chased the little doggie around and got chased and he was very gentle with the little dog….we did have some barking problems that were resolved with a loud “no”.

After our little walk Daniel and some of his cousins went swimming, butterball hates this. Every time Daniel or I would swim away from where he was standing he would bark like mad which ended up in a barking fest inside the house. Daniel and I decided to let butterball swim with us to see if that would calm him down, he was fine but once we put him back out he would start barking again. To our surprise he jumped onto a floating bed just so he could be with us but without having to swim, he’s such a silly boy. We came home and butterball took a long nap. Before Daniel left to go home butterball ran out of the house, both of us thinking we would have to scream and chase him we got a little mad but then we realized he was running to the car. Butterball loves car rides and he spends them sticking half his body out the window unless the car is going too fast.

I love our little guy and I can’t imagine my life without him and all the trouble he causes :)

I hope you all had a great Fourth of July, and I hope you have a great week!!


Katie said...

Happy half a year birthday butterball! Glad you had a good 4th of July. Whiskey also LOVES straberries, we cut them in halves and freeze them as a treat when we come in from a very hot day in FLA. Watermelon is also a favortie. :-)

Karen and Bailey said...

he is so cute!! yes i have mini panic attacks when bailey happens to run past the front door, but thanks goodness both times hes come back when i yell chicken or cookie. quite dangerous ina big city.. !!!! and theres a bus that runs on our street too!!!! bailey also loves the cool air.

i didnt throw bbear a party at 6 months but did make a youtube video to celebrate his first 6 months, since they grow up so fast!!!!!

Happy 6th month birthday Butterball!!!!

Kelly said...

Aww I'm glad he's not afraid of fireworks! :) IT's good to get them around loud stuff like this when they are young!

That corgi :) said...

so glad Butterball likes fireworks and they didn't phase him, Koda is a (big) baby when he hears the first one and goes running into son's room and almost under his bed. I bet Butterball didn't like that you guys were in the water; probably wanted to herd you and keep you guys closer to things he was comfortable with (like dry land, LOL) Happy 6th month birthday to him!


ocmist said...

I wondered from the last post, if he was very young. He sure is a sweet looking boy. I'll bet his coloring will be just about like my Gimli. Almost all of the black on Gim's head is gone now at 11 months. It's good that he doesn't have problems with the fireworks, and he sounds pretty smart to have figured out the float to stay close to you.

You live down near where my cousins used to live. Corgi Country is in the S. end of the San Joaquin Valley.

ocmist said...

Mmmm.... I keep getting an error when I try to follow you. That is weird! I've tried a few times now...