Saturday, July 24, 2010

shipping questions for the new addition

Well, as you all know I’ve been looking for a corgi and put up an ad on a website saying I would adopt someone’s corgi. I got a response from a lady from Wisconsin….she has to get rid of her sweet little puppy. The only expenses I have to pay are for shipping and to keep her updated on how she’s doing. I am not sure if this is a scam or not but I am hoping it is not… I have a few questions for any of you who got your corgi out of state and they had to be shipped.

How did you make the payment?
Did you receive papers?
How sure were you of the transaction?

I am not sure on what else to ask….but if you have any information it would help me out a lot if you could tell me all you could about your experience. Thank you!!!

Here is our possible new addition to my corgi family :)


Kelly said...

Seems kind of fishy to me... Hmm, I don't know. Sorry I am no help!! :(

That corgi :) said...

I know the airlines don't usually ship an animal if it is really hot or cold (at least that is what was told to us when we were getting Koda). We had to pay by cashier's check. Also, if I remember correctly, Koda had to go to the vet to get a certification that he was safe to travel (not sick) before Delta would accept him. He had to fly Delta because we didn't have too many other options since we were in Montana. I would before I did this get something in writing from her and as much information as you could from her, first/last name, address, phone numbers, etc in case it is a scam you can have this. You might see if the dog has been to a vet up there and if you could talk to the vet about the condition of the dog etc. Our breeder sent the paperwork of Koda's birth and lineage to us with transfer of ownership that we sent to AKC to re-register him. I would be very careful if she wanted the cutie shipped soon since it is just so hot out there and they are in the luggage compartment that gets no air conditioning!


Bri said...

this would worry me, alot. the only way i would get a dog from so far away would include me meeting the person somewhere and having the "transaction" occur in person somehow, ie: money order or check. either try to meet on the road (even pay for their gas rather than shipping) or meet at the other's house. i would also be concerned about "shipping." how do they ship animals? is someone there to make sure they are ok? is it ground, air? how long is the trip? are they able to do their business, get water, food? all things i would worry about. if you are looking for some papers, i think that would all have to do with who the dog is coming from. since this is a non business adventure, i don't think their are any rules for the current owner to follow, so it will all be up to what you agree upon. also, scary to me.

does this little cutie have a name? age?
the top picture reminds me of sammy. that's the look he always had (still does) as a puppy. it's definately, "aren't i sooo cute. don't you love me?" which in his case mean....shinanigans....mischeviousness, ..TROUBLE! haha.
look at those paws...gonna be a big corgi!

Karen and Bailey said...

awwww so cute who wouldn't melt at those pictures. :) yesss i would be a bit cautious about adopting over the internet??? I would be afraid it were a scam, or what if the dog that arrives doesn't even look like the dog in the picture?

its probably really hard to find a corgi through adoption!!! keep us posted!

I am sorry i am of no help either, since i drove to pick up bailey in northern ca.

Karen said...

all i know is i want as much information as i can get from the person and betty, thank you so much i will definitly do everything you said....

i am even thinking about setting up a webcam session so i can see that the puppy is actually the one in the picture....

not sure how much work this person would do if it was a scam for only definitly going to call their vet if they send me the number

i guess if i dont hear back from them, then i was right to not trust it completly

ocmist said...

Betty is really wise and had a lot of good suggestions. I wouldn't adopt this way from that far away myself. I KNOW that there are quite a few corgis here in CA and you'd have a better chance to get to see first. I KNOW that the B.A.R.K Rescue in Simi Valley often has corgis that come through. I really would check with them if you haven't already gotten a corgi.