Friday, July 23, 2010

big boy went on a hike

Well I signed up for my college classes…I didn’t get every class I needed, but I guess I will have to keep trying. My schedule will be pretty crazy once school starts, I‘m considering doing a double major (pre-pharmacy and chemistry). Sadly poor butterball will suffer a bit while I get into the new college routine. I will have to go job hunting very soon as well. I have been applying online almost about everywhere….but something tells me that no one even looks at online applications. So within the next month I will have to go job searching.
What school/working means for butterball: more time outside, less time at dog park, and late night study sessions yet again (but no chewing on my text books this time!)

Butterball has been getting pretty spoiled lately….I am still trying to finish up the treats from the treat review, but I don’t want to spoil him too much in one day. Its pretty much too hot to do anything so I bought butterball a pool. Of course he wants nothing to do with it. The only pool he likes is at the dog park (my theory is that he only likes it when other dogs are in the pool). I weighed myself on the scale with butterball and he added 25 pounds!!! He’s getting to be a good boy and something tells me he’s not even close to what he should be. I’ve been focusing on getting him more exercise, which means more dog park….lately he’s been playing with puppies (a game of chase and roll). Butterball is a bit uncoordinated and he rolls when he gets caught and just flops over when big dogs come around, its very funny.

butters is getting so big that he barely fits in his doggy bed

Daniel, butterball, venus(Daniel’s doggie), and I went on a 4 mile hike to a creek/waterfall in the mountains. Butterball did better then I did…..I was pooped about half way up since it was all up hill. I got tired of trying to constrain him because he really wanted to walk!! I took him off his leash and he did his business (marking his territory just about everywhere) and explored. To my surprise he did very well without walking on the leash. He listened if we called him because he got too far ahead or distracted. When we finally got to the creek he ran straight towards the water. I was a little sad that the water went down a lot but he kept going from one side to the other and jumping on this rock. It looked like he was almost saying “I am king of the rock!!” it was funny. Last time we went on the hike butterball was still a baby and I had to carry him down the hike. Which is very hard for me since I am one of the most uncoordinated people you will ever meet. Well this time on the hike I got too nervous about butterball because he is too friendly and this lady had dogs…..and butters goes running towards her, and uncoordinated me runs after him, I catch him and I fall. feel really embarrassed and really scraped up. Lesson learned just let butters learn he cant do that and needs to listen. Maybe butters thought me chasing him was a game. I am not sure but the hike kicked my butt and left butters a dirty mess.

Well lately….I have been looking for a corgi brother or sister for butters (bad idea I know, and my mother wont like it either) but I cant help it they are so cute…..well anyways I am looking into adopting a corgi in my area preferably purebred, although someone did contact me with an offer on some mixed corgis (not sure if I want another puppy).
My question is, how much was your corgi? And did he/she come with papers. Butters came with everything since he was champion bloodline sired (only person with a corgi in southern Cali). Butters was a bit expensive. So I’m kind of asking to see if we bought a overpriced corgi, or if that’s about the price range.


Katie said...

I love those pictures of your hike. Whiskey wont go 4 miles. I would have to carry her half the way. She's a lazy bum...we're working on excersice.
As for prices on cogris I dont know. I got her from a foster home, but I am too looking for another corgi (or mix)-as seen in my last to post. :-). I do know that where I live in south FLA there are no cogri breeders, and when I find one they are very expensive-like between $800-1200. Did you try your local shelters and petfinder.
Also I will say with getting a rescue dog your not sure of what happened before you got the dog. For instance Whiskey was not dog socoalized at all, so she is a little grumpy growly with other dogs.
Good luck on the dog search. Im sure you'll keep us posted.

Karen said...

@katie; i've looked online almost about everywhere...their are corgis but they are either too far away or they arent okay with other dogs, or have special needs. im looking on craigslist and having people send me photos/information about their corgis i got a few replies...i will be sure to keep you updated
butterball was $800!! expensive!!

Bri said...

awww.....these are wonderful pics. im so jealous you have somewhere to take butters without a leash. i want to do that with sammy sooo bad, just to see how he would do mostly. he does fantastically at erik's parents' without a leash, and when he gets over greeting all the dogs at the dogpark he is good at listening and following directions...ok he's getting better.
purebred anything is always way expensive. we happened to run into sammy at a store, and so we don't actually know how much a purebred would be from a breeder. from the things online we have seen, breeders seem to cost near or above $1000 around here. i think it's more supply and demand issues, though. we have very, very few corgi breeders within even 5 hours of where we leave. at least with what we have seen from online searches. i'm not gonna lie, we have looked. i can't help myself! they are soo freaken adorable and i would love sammy to have a little brother (oscar) or sister (holly), yep they have names already!! haha. we are financially, and physically (apartment living) unable to get another dog. also sammy, more than anything, appears to be quite satisfied with being an only dog. i'm sure he would really enjoy another corgi around, but i think if he could chose he would choose to be an only dog. can't explain it, just a feeling. plus i'm quite happy to have my one and only baby!! lol
another suggestion to skip the puppy stage is to watch your local humane societies, etc, for corgis and you could save one. it's a lot cheaper, usually they are trained and potty trained, plus it feels great to save a pup.! just an idea

That corgi :) said...

loved the pictures of Butterball on your hike; that looked like a nice place to go and spend some time together with you, Daniel and the dogs

glad you registered for classes, I'm sure like with anything you'll get into the routine after a few weeks and establish time to get most things done

I have to agree with you; I don't think too many people look at online applications. I think it is a way for them to not have to deal with people coming in to fill out applications at the place of employment. Does the college have any type of work program you can get involved in?

We got Koda in February of 2005 so that was about 5 or so years ago. We got him from Alabama from a breeder, we lived in Montana at the time. He is purebreed and we have his papers plus we registered him through AKC. He came from championship lines, I tell you it was a hard decision to think about neutering him or not but we did neuter him

He was $400 and $250 to fly him from Alabama to Montana. His litter he had 8 siblings!!

stay cool!


Karen said...

@bri; its hilarious that you have named them already hahaha :) sammy looks like a spoiled boy, im sure he wouldnt like any one stealing the lime light from him! butterball is used to it :)

@betty; im having a hard time on deciding to neuter butters too.....we already paid for the year liscense which was expensive so i will have an other year to decide!! i have some questions about shipping....i got a offer i will blog about it soon.

ocmist said...

We live in Central California and purebred papered corgis go for around $450-600. IF you can find one that is unpapered, they go for around $150-250. We are about an hour out of Bakersfield, and most of them are from Bakersfield. I know that they have a good breeder in Lancaster, too, which is closer to LA than Bakersfield is.

There are (or were last week) several pups in the paper. Be VERY careful of craigslist for finding dogs. Way to many people have had problems with that situation and all of the rescues and shelters warn not to use them at all for animals. They have so many problems with puppy mills using it and anyone who buys one that way without visits, etc. is helping to keep the puppy mills going.

Fontana is about 3 hours from Bakersfield. You could check on the Bakersfield Californian Newspaper online. We paid $500 for our Mist who was from show stock. We got Buddy free, and the rest of the ones we have come from them or their pups. I just looked in today's BC and there are 2 pups, 8 wks old, sables for $600 a piece. Grammy from Corgi Country