Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Treat Review: Peabody Snarflenubbins & Co.

Butterball and I signed up to be treat testers for Rachel’s new treat company: Peabody Snarflenubbins & Co. You can check out her and Bender's blog at

Butterball and I were very excited to be receiving our treats in the mail. I was taking a nap when they came in and my brother brought them upstairs to me. I think butterball could smell the treats inside the box because we went nuts trying to get into the box. When he saw I wasn’t waking up he began to run around like a crazy dog!! I got up, got my camera and went downstairs. I began opening the box and butters was being extremely nosey sticking his snout in the box trying to get into the packages that were containing the treats. I opened each package one by one gave it to him and wrote my review and his reaction on a paper. I had nothing to write negatively about this treat preview because the dogs loved them all!!! My other dog, Lucky got a little jealous/curious and decided he wanted to be part of the fun….I didn’t think he would really like them since he has never eaten doggie treats before and butters is a little picky man when treats are first being introduced….but they were a hit with both dogs!!! The dogs kept trying to dig through the box for the next treat! I would highly recommend getting this treats for your pooch when Rachel sets up her company!

My Review:
I really liked the variety of flavors, smells, cute little names, and that they were gentle on butterball’s sensitive tummy. I also liked the size of the treats I had the choice of either splitting the treat in half or letting butterball and lucky go at it for awhile. We tried seven treats:Oatmeal Crunchies, Peanut Butter Bones, Beef 'n Barley Bones, Bark'n Banana Biscotti, Snickerpoodles, Apple Snackums, and Apple and Sweet Potato Snackums

Butterball’s review:
“hi butterball here, I want you all to know what I think of these treats!! I loved them all and I cant just choose one to eat! I was very anxious when a nice smelling box came in the mail for my mommy because she has been telling me I will be trying out some new treats for Bender‘s mommy. My mommy took very long to open the box, and if felt like one obstacle after another….finally she got the box and bag open, but then she made me do stupid tricks for treats….I don’t really like doing tricks but I was desperate for the tasty treat….I munched on the first one and my mommy even captured it on camera!!! My mommy even made me share with Lucky, I don’t really like him taking the attention so it turned into a little fight at the end! All you doggies out there, tell your mommies and daddies to get you some treats from Peabody Snarflenubbins & Co.”

"hurry up mommy""open the box already!"

"its open, its open!! what's this plastic thing doing in here?" "whats in my way of treats now?"
"munch!!!!" "i'm done mommy, and im ready for the next treat!" "okay, okay i'm laying down for you, where's my treat?"
"now im sitting up for you"
"give me the Snickerpoodle, its making me drool"
"thats my treat!!" they were both sitting up
dont they look satisfied?

please ignore my high pitched voice when i tell them to do tricks....this is how excited they were to eat them!!!


Kelly said...

Aren't they awesome?! Gibson loves them too!

Karen said...

yes they are!!!

That corgi :) said...

I'm glad to hear that they were okay on Butterball's sensitive stomach. I've been waiting a day or two (trying them tomorrow) since Koda's stomach has been upset the past few days. Glad they were a hit for Butterball and Lucky!!! good review you wrote too Karen :)


Karen said...

thanks i was a bit unsure on what to write for my review...thanks for the feedback!!

Karen and Bailey said...

I want to review them!!! haha i mean bailey does!!!

Intense Guy said...

LMAO!! Butterball is a cute lil' guy!

(over from Koda the Corgi's place)

ocmist said...

You did an excellent job on your review, and your babies are SO CUTE!!!! I loved the vid and their tricks! You could tell that they gave the treats a A++++++! Your "Butterball" isn't a very big butter ball... not nearly as big as our Butter Butt! I'm going to follow you and hope that, if you get the chance, you might visit us in Corgi Country.