Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Where do I begin? I am not sure what’s going on with butterball but he has stopped listening and wont even do trick he does everyday to get a treat (lay down)…..not only this but he has gotten into trouble around the house with his chewing. I thought that his chewing was calming down since it looks like all his adult teeth are in, and he has a bunch of toys. Butterball has torn up the carpet before and ripped it off the ground, but we were able to glue it back down and put a little throw rug over it so he wouldn’t go back for it. This morning I woke up and he chewed up the throw rug and destroyed the whole corner of the carpet (it cant be fixed like last time, so now we have to go buy better throw rugs)….my mom was pretty devastated, since we got that carpet put in two years ago. Butterball has not only destroyed the carpet, but he has continued to eat the decorative molding outside of the house even when we put stuff to block him from doing so, he has also resorted to chewing apart the wood door to the garage that connects to the backyard. I am not too sure why he is doing this now.

My mom and I went to petsmart to get butters some rawhides…..we ended up walking out with a lot more….we ended up getting the furminator, rawhides, beef hooves(butterball loves them, but they smell awful), and a CORGI KEYCHAIN. We spent way too much but the rawhides and beef hooves should last butterball awhile. I am so happy that I finally got the furminator, butterball definitely needed it. His fur feels so much better and is shiny, and I like seeing all his fur on the brush I feel like I didn’t waste my money. We also got butterball a new toy since he likes to tear open stuffed animals we go him this rope/ball toy, and he seems to enjoy it. I am hoping that all these new treats will keep him preoccupied.

Do you find yourself buying things just because it has a corgi on it? Because I have that problem:

I’m planning on attending a corgi meet up in august, the only sad thing is Daniel wont be able to go with me….he will be gone by the meet up time. the date of him leaving is approaching fast. We are trying to enjoy the short amount of time(a month) we have together by doing everything together (taking butterball to the dog park) more enjoyable for me, Daniel gets very bored haha.
here's butterball and his new rope/ball toy

Butterball and i hope you all have a great week!!!


dlhowell92 said...

I think you spoil Butters. And you need to stop buying everything that has a corgi on it. And I think that you should leave him outside at night more often so he sleeps during the day and doesn't annoy me. Please and thank you.

Flo de Sendai said...

Hi Karen, nice to "meet" you and Butterball, he's an adorable baby !

Don't worry about chewing, they all chew when they're young, my 2 did it also, and stoped after 1 or 2 years, it's not so long ! (just put your precious books on the table, and not on the floor!)

I also bought everything that had a Corgi on it for many years, and gave all my collection to Uyanga (my number 2 Corgi, a Cardi)'s breeder, she was so pleased ! I'm glad I bought all these. lol

Have fun with your adorable little Corgi ! My 1st Corgi (and 1st dog of my life), Nana, is also a Pembroke, and also a tricolor, like Butterball. She's now 12 years old, but still very young I think !

Best regards from Flo, Nana, and Uyanga.

That corgi :) said...

I think the rawhides will help Butterball with his wanting to chew. Like I said before, Koda didn't have a chewing problem and I think it was because of all the bones he would get to chew on. I'm sorry Butterball was a bit destructive with the rugs, etc. That is hard I know to deal with. Koda has been in a pout recently with walks, not wanting to walk but stop and sniff a lot. I really think a lot of it is the heat; they just don't like it (even though we walk early in morning or late at night, it still never cools down much, you know how it is)

I have that same keychain!! I try to be careful with what I buy with corgis on it if it is something i can use otherwise I know I would go overboard!! so many cute things out there.

hang in there with him; he is still a pup. Did Butterball go with you to PetSmart? that's Koda's favorite store!


Kelly said...

How old is butterball?? Gibson went threw a phase when he was about 7 or 8 months ( Good news is that it passes! :)

Karen said...

Betty: butterball always goes with us to petsmart :) he loves it!! i dont blame koda, the heat puts me in a funk too!!

Kelly: he's 6 months....must be like the terrible twos

Flo: nice to meet you, nana, and uyanga!! i browsed through your blog and your babies are cute :)

i cant wait for this chewing phase to be over...or at least the destructive part.

Katie said...

I got Whiskey at the 3 year stage so I didnt have to deal with any of the chewing. However she destroys her toys in 2 seconds- balls, ropes, stuffed, or squeaky.
I do however pick up anything and everything that have corgis on them! One of my co-workers got me that exact key chain and I kept it with my keys on her leash...I lost the dog part :-( I've been thinking to get a new one.

Jenny said...

Ahhh, carpet chewing corgis! Sounds like Stanley. When we moved into our new apartment, Stanley took it upon himself to "remodel" our hallway carpet. I guess it was his way of suggesting we get a throw rug...heehee. Butterball will grow out of this phase....eventually :)

Karen said...

corgis should come with a warning label: Do not leave alone unattended if you have carpet hahahaha

when did stanley stop his "destructive chewing phase"

Kathi said...

Oh, I so remember this phase in my Maci's life. I think she was about 9 months old when she suddenly forgot everything she had been Lucily, the phase did not last too long.

And yes, I like you, bought more things Corgi than I care to think of. I have sort of gotten a hold of that (except for the Corgi keychain you show. Just bought that a month

Just be consistent with the training and Butterball will come back around. Best of luck and the pictures are too cute!

Karen and Bailey said...

so cute! love it... and i love your new page - where did you get the layout from??!!?!?! :D ohhhhh and bailey didint really go through a chew phase, but when i thought he was going to, i did prep some towels. lightly soak a handtowel and tie it in a knot and stick it in the freezer, then let butterball munch on it... hahah like a teething toy. :D hope it works... and yes i get kinda crazily happy when i go to a store and see a corgi on something... :D

Karen said...

karen: its a templete through blogger im not sure how i found it though if i find out how i'll tell you...and thats a good idea :) i usually just wet a washcloth and put it in the freezer but the knot idea might work out better :) thanks!!! your lucky bailey was a good boy.

Karen said...

kathi: do you have a blog? i would love to see what maci looks like :)

ocmist said...

We are on our fourth generation of corgis now. At six months, he has just started the chewing (and soon, probably, digging) phases. That should be around another year. You might need to find a place where there isn't any kind of carpet, and hopefully the chews and toys will help keep him busy, but corgis are SO people oriented and they need to be "doing" something pretty constantly. They were bred as herding dogs and to spend all day long working WITH their people and using their brains to work the cattle or sheep, etc.

I don't know who "dlhowell92" is, but they obviously don't know corgis well, and probably won't get along with them. Corgis aren't just DOGS... they are like kids, and need the attention or they WILL get into trouble! That is one thing that some people never get and they aren't good candidates for corgi ownership.

Karen said...

hahaha dlhowell92 is my boyfriend....he's just jealous that i love butters so much!!

KsMaryLou said...

Karen, crate training is the best way to go. There is less stress for everyone and less opportunity for the pup to get into mischief. I know those who haven't used a crate think it's mean to use one, but dogs are den animals and end up really liking their crate if used properly. Our corgis look at their crates as their own personal room and will go into them for peace and rest.

I've got a Cardi who loves to chew and I've found Kongs, Nylabones, and ropes are the most durable and entertaining toys for him. The cute toys don't even last 30 minutes around here. We can't give our pups rawhide because the Pem will swallow big chunks that could cause choking or digestive problems."