Saturday, July 17, 2010

it's hot!!!

daniel and i took butterball to the park today....he didnt want to do anything besides jump into the kiddie pool and then jump out to play in the dirt

i think im going to go to walmart today and buy him one!!

how is your corgi reacting to the heat? butterball pretty much sleeps all day on the cold tile. he's a lazy butt!!!


Karen and Bailey said...

bailey, when its hot, will pant all day long. i think since hes from northern california..... 80 degrees is aobut his max. LOL. bailey would go nuts if he saw one of those pools at the dog park!!!!!.. ive contemplated getting bailey one, but it doenst get hot enough in san francisco to make good use of it. oh and in case you wanted to know, i saw it for $8 at petsmart a couple weeks back, not sure what the price is at walmart!

That corgi :) said...

Butterball looks cute in the pool! looks like a great way to cool down.

Koda melts in the heat. hates it. We walk early in the morning and late at night and still he can be miserable

I don't push him and let him like around all some place cool. we keep the ceiling fan on at night too when he sleeps on our bed for his comfort


Katie said...

Whiskey and I live in south FLA, so summer gets HOT!! Lately she has been sleeping on the tile floor. I feel bad because we dont do much during the weekends anymore, but if you do- make sure they have LOTS of water. I also made little doggy popsicles. (plain yogurt, bannana, stawberry and some peanutbutter- melt peanut butter, and then blend all and freeze in ice cube trays). They love it. and its a great alternative to a "cookie" when coming in from walks.
And Whiskey LOVES LOVES LOVES her kiddie pool- great investment.

Bri said...

i wish that we could get sammy a kiddie pool. we just don't have the space with an apartment. but he's weird, he won't sit or lie down in the water, so who knows how relaxing it would be for him.
sammy is totally weather dependant. he hates the heat, his naptime is now the hottest part of the day, where it used to be lunchtime. he has no patience for it when he goes out to potty. he hates rain, so if it rains, he will lay down on his blanket and sleep til it stops. which sometimes is a whole day. he loves baths and swimming, but there is something about the falling rain that is petrifying. but once it is deemed acceptable by sammy, he is up with a vengence from all his napping! unfortunaltely, human schedules don't revolve around the weather, like his.
i feel more for him because he is a little lover. he needs people around, and loves to cuddle when he gets tired, but it's just too hot. he can't handle it. he comes over, wants to cuddle, but after a couple minutes, he is all done because he gets too warm. he walks away whiney and gives a big sigh when he lays back down. he looks soo upset, which makes me upset. it's a vicious circle. i think he is ready for autumn!
tell butterball, summer isn't forever!! :)

ocmist said...

Since he likes the pool at the park, I'd definitely get him one if you've got the room at home. Our pups really love theirs, too, though wet, muddy dogs are a bit trying at times. When it is SO HOT, though, they need something like that. Our dogs all want to cuddle, too, but they (and hubby) get hot, too, so they go back and forth from the lap to the ground. Since we've got 6 there is usually one in your face or lap... :)

Oh, a couple of posts ago you were talking about buying corgi things... Once you become hooked on the little rascals, that is a side effect you also have to get used to... Pretty soon, you are wearing corgi T-shirts, corgi jewelry, using corgi covered notebooks... etc. :)