Thursday, July 15, 2010

then and now

i looked at some of butterball's pictures from the breeder and he looks like a completly different dog...oh how i miss how small he was


Katie said...

Awww. He was and still is soooo cute!

Kelly said...

aww he looks like a hamster :)

Karen and Bailey said...

love it. he is still very cute but yes they grow up so fast!!!

Karen said...

hahahah he does :)
its so funny how different they look.

That corgi :) said...

they do change so much, don't they? and it is such a gradual change we don't catch it until we look at their "before" and "after" pictures

but all in all, he is a great looking corgi!


ocmist said...

He IS a great looking corgi, and you can see by his eyes that he is a very smart one! That's both good and bad because he is sure going to need attention and something to keep him busy. I gather you have another dog and that should help if they play together. At six months, he's only about half grown. He will grown in size for another 4-6 months and then fill out muscle, etc. for another 4-6 months past that. He is going to be a BEAUTIFUL dog!

What amazes me is the color changes that occur from the time they are pups to when they are mature. Gimli had a really black head, too, when he was very little, and so did OC, but they have gone to red-headed tri-colors as they got older. Mist, OC's mom, stayed a black-headed tri.